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Leatherman – Affordability, Functionality and Durability

Tim Leatherman comes from Oregon, USA and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering received from his home state University of Oregon. While travelling in Europe back in 1974, while located in a bad hotel he found many leaks in the plumbing and problems with his vehicle while travelling. From here Tim got the idea of creating a multi-purpose tool. He started on his prototype, and over the next three years, he has created one of the best multi-tools on the market. Partnering with his college friend in 1983, they started working and created the brand that is known as Leatherman today. Continue reading “Leatherman – Affordability, Functionality and Durability”


Toyota Hilux Storage Problem Solved – Multi-functional Drawers

Say the name Toyota and you immediately think of a car that is reliable, affordable and well-engineered. One of the most sold types of Toyota is the Hilux. This off-road mean machine has been the most popular vehicle among Australians. The Toyota Hilux can withstand the Australian weather, roads and dangerous along the way. But nothing is perfect in this world. Toyota with their years of expeience did create something wonderful, yet not perfect. The most common problem is storage. Here are a couple of stuff you can add to make your Toyota Hilux storage even better!

Hilux Drawers

Good thing that Toyota allowed third-party manufacturers to create upgrades, because they are more affordable, easier to install and look very slick. For those long travels, the Toyota Hilux will not disappoint. However, with long travels there is more baggage and the need of more storage space is evident. For that reason, the Hilux drawer will create order in the chaos from you storage options. Continue reading “Toyota Hilux Storage Problem Solved – Multi-functional Drawers”

Motion Controller: The C300 – a Reliable and Affordable Solution

Motion control is regarded as a sub-field in the automation industry. It works in a way where it encompassing the system with a sub-system where it is usually involved with the moving parts of the motion, where the motion controllers are controlling them in a way. The main parts that one motion control system is made are motion controller, energy amplifier and one or more disambiguation or actuators. In practice, there are two types of motion control, open loop and closed loop. Open lool systems work in a way where the motion controller sends a command through the amplifier to the main actuator where it is unknown whether the desired motions was completed or not. The most common system is made from a stepper motor or fan control. To have a better control of precision, it is added a measuring device which is located near the end motor. When the calculations of all measurements are completed, the signal is converted and sent back to the controller where the controller looks for errors, thus becoming a closed loop system.

Continue reading “Motion Controller: The C300 – a Reliable and Affordable Solution”

The Most Popular Types of AC Electric Motors

The world without an electronic motor is simple, not imaginable. Whether they are installed with their small version (such as tiny motors found in some type of watches) up to a million-plus horsepower that is found in ships and planes and dozens of others applications. An electric motor is a device that creates electrical energy to a kinetic energy. It can work both on alternating current or direct current, where some models can work on both electricity. In this article, we will go through the most popular types of AC electric motors that are used by the majority today.

Continue reading “The Most Popular Types of AC Electric Motors”

The Two Most Popular Big Flashlights in Australia

May there be light, in darkness with the most popular big flashlight in Australia! You’ve arrived here, at the right place at the right time. Australia has a lot of flashlight retailers, and let us be honest, Ebay is also here, so picking the right one, can take a while. However, to cut you from that pain of searching information, we have picked the two big flashlights that are currently one of the best items on the Australian market.

AceBeam D45 XHP70 4000 lumen

Weighing 436 grammes, the AceBeam XHP70 is a powerful flashlight equipped with the Cree XHP70 LED light offering you up to 4000 lumens. This fantastic and multi-functional flashlight comes at the price around $399 which is incredible. You control this device with the 316 stainless steel button switch with four levels of brightness. The first mode works on 350 lumens, and it can last 12.5 hours. The second mode goes up to 750 lumens and can operate for 6.2 hours. The third mode goes up to 1500 lumens and can work for 2.2 hours. And finally, the fourth mode works at 4000 lumens and can only last 1.4 hours.

Also, it comes with a Goodman-style glove that is used for hands-free operations and one ball joint so you can quickly set it on any camera. This big flashlight is perfect for diving into the Australian depths. This flashlight comes with a double press SOS button working at 350 lumens of brightness. The maximum distance of the beam goes up to 374 meters, and it is resistant to 1.2 meters.
The Durability of this flashlight comes from the durable aircraft grade aluminium which can withstand strong physical force. The surface that is made as a premium type which makes owning this flashlight amazing.

AceBeam EC50 Gen II XHP70 3000 lumen

Another premium product from the premium generations of big flashlights – the AceBeam EC50. This is a smaller version weighing just 129 grammes and offering only 3000 lumens. It is also equipped with the CREE XHP70 LED that has orange peel reflector and beams that can reach a distance up to 302 meters. This flashlight is chargeable with a 5000mAh 26650 Li-ion batter included. This is smaller than the previous one and comes with also four functions.


Both of these devices are an excellent choice. The only thing that you can choose from if you want more lumen power or the budget you have. Whether you are diving, hiking, or camping having the right light will make your experience safer and better.

The Never-Out-Of-Fashion Pieces Every Living Room Needs

Living room décor trends are constantly changing, but there are some simple pieces that never go out of style. The items I mention in this article are classically elegant and tasteful and will help your living room keep its good look, regardless what’s in fashion.

Plantation ShuttersPlantation Shutters-

Plantation shutters are an elegant window dressing and the perfect solution for those who don’t want sheer curtains but want some privacy without compromising lighting in the room. The crisp, clean lines of white plantation shutters add to the space a bright, breezy feel and an amazing curb appeal. Available in a range of styles and louver sizes, plantation shutters can be rotated to open or close how much you want. This allows you total control over how much light and airflow you want into your living room as well as how much you want to see and be seen.

When shopping for plantation shutters, there are some important features to keep in mind. For example, to consider or not a custom plantation shutter. This is a great option as a professional company will send a representative to measure your window and build a shutter to fit the specific measures of your window, hence avoiding gaps between the shutter and the window rim. Continue reading “The Never-Out-Of-Fashion Pieces Every Living Room Needs”

The ABCs of Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoders are also known as shaft encoders. They are an electro-mechanical device that is used to convert the angular motion or position of the axle or shaft to a digital or analogue code. There are two types that are mainly used in industries in order to get the most benefits out of such an encoder. They are the absolute and the relative encoders. The absolute ones are angle transducers, meaning that their output shows the current position of the shaft. The relative ones provide information about the motion of the shaft. The information gathered is processed after that as position, distance and speed. So, let’s talk a bit about these encoders and see how you can benefit from such a device. Continue reading “The ABCs of Rotary Encoders”

What Are the Essential Pieces of Equipment for Kneeboarding?

Kneeboarding is a watersport that is in many aspects similar to waterskiing, but requires less physical strength and skill making it ideal for anyone who is just getting started out on the water. It is a very unique typo of surfing that involves riding the waves in a kneeling position. This is usually done on a small yet wide board. While surfing on your knees might seem a lot more difficult than surfing in a standing position, this is not the case at all. In fact kneeboarding is actually a lot easier and safer than many other watersports. Many surfers prefer this type of surfing especially when they are just starting to learn how to ride the waves, simply because it offers a lot more control and stability. But kneeboarding is not only great for those who are new to watersports, those with more experience on the water will also enjoy it as well. Riding closer to the water surface provides a more intense sensation of speed which is exactly what many surfing enthusiast want to achieve when conquering the waves. Continue reading “What Are the Essential Pieces of Equipment for Kneeboarding?”

Five Reasons to Buy Rechargeable Headlight Torch

Today’s market is overflown with dozens and dozens of headlight torches. People order from china cheap and not so quality rechargeable headlight torch. However, there are quality headlight torches that Australian retailers have to offer. In this article, we will go through the five reasons why an Australian rechargeable headlight torch is the best choice!

  1. They are built to last! – This is one of the best reasons why you should buy a rechargeable headlight torch from Australia. The LED lights offer better efficiency than any traditional light that you order from china, which is the reason why it is so popular. The normal light will give you around 6 hours of non-stop light and it will last average 50,000 hours!
  2. The rechargeable batteries are awesome! – Not only the great light, they also offer a rechargeable battery with a short recharge time. There are not a lot of manufacturers that offer this, so when a search for one always has patience you will find the right one. You can get around 95 hours of continuous light with the use of rechargeable light. The recharging can be done from half an hour up to 1.5 hours which is pretty neat.
  3. Investing Smart! – While buying stuff with more affordable prices, might be easier for your wallet, in the end, you will be paying the same as more expensive if you look it at the longer run. A lot of people forget that is better to buy quality than to pay cheaper. Usually, people pay to replace the light bolt, the batteries and the buttons, which for any professional can cause an unnecessary headache!
  4. Find the right light level! – Before you make any research, you should find the right level! Even if you find some great deal, if the lumen level does not equal your needs just do not buy it. Generally, if you are hiking, or you are a professional worker and really need, you will need to get a normal set of lumens, nevertheless, if you work for the police and have dozens of search and rescue missions then you will need to get the high lumen one.
  5. They are durable – In the end, we come to the thing that is most important – they are durable. If you buy a rechargeable headlight torch can withstand any accident like falling, any temperature and humidity. So when buying a quality one, you can be assured that it will last for many years to come.

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