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Here’s How Water Purifiers Ensure You Get Drinkable H2O

Water is maybe one of the most essential things in life. You see, everything around us depends on water, we (human beings), plants, and animals, which means that water is a necessity for everything and everyone in this world. Since the human body is made out of 60% water, we need a good amount of water throughout the day to keep ourselves hydrated, and this is especially important when camping or hiking. This is the time when one can lose a great amount of body water so you will need to “refill” yourself. Continue reading “Here’s How Water Purifiers Ensure You Get Drinkable H2O”

The Essential Equipment to Bring Along on a Camping Trip

Camping as with any other activity needs to be planned before executed, namely you’re going to need to decide where you’ll be staying what you’ll be bringing and who you’re taking along. For location and people I can’t say much since every individual camper has his or her favorite spot and people that they bring along. As for what you should be bringing along on every camping trip not just the next one. You should have a checklist of all the items you’re bringing along on your trip and make sure you check it twice since forgetting one item or kit that you might desparately need later on would leave you stranded. For example, it’s night time you’ve cut your leg from a large branch that you didn’t see and you look for your first aid kit but you’ve forgotten it at home, now you’re injured and stranded. Continue reading “The Essential Equipment to Bring Along on a Camping Trip”

The Essential Equipment Needed for Hiking

Whenever stepping out into the back-country, its always a good idea to pack all the essential equipment that you will need on your hike. There is no such thing as being over prepared, as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. All you need is a comfortable backpack to store all of your equipment, and you are good to go. Bellow you will find a list of some of the more important things you should bring on your hiking trip, everything you need can be divided into three categories: navigation, survival and first-aid supplies. Continue reading “The Essential Equipment Needed for Hiking”

Tactical Backpacks: Everything You Could Need for the Great Outdoors

When you are out and about in nature, there is no better item to bring along with you than a backpack. One of the most obvious reasons a standard backpack is so useful is that it’s an item that gives you the ability to carry more items, but the tactical backpack, on the other hand, is capable of a whole assortment of other additional perks and benefits. Continue reading “Tactical Backpacks: Everything You Could Need for the Great Outdoors”

What Benefits Can a Hiker Gain from Gaiters?

Unwinding somewhere outside the city is something we all want to do. According to many studies, more and more people would rather spend their free time hiking and exploring new places instead of spending their precious time in some conventional hotel or apartment. Along with the usual backpack, sleeping bag, and tent, the thing you shouldn’t miss to put in your bag is gaiters. Continue reading “What Benefits Can a Hiker Gain from Gaiters?”

Off with Tech – Choose Camping Instead

With technology ruling the modern world we live in today, most people are spending more time on their laptops, cell phone, tablets and other fancy gadgets than hanging out with their friends. It’s a common thing these days to see friends sitting in a cafe and writing something on their phones instead of talking to each other and enjoying their coffee. It seems as if technology has kind of ruined the good old charm of friendship which was all about spending fun times together, sharing experiences and making wonderful memories. These days unfortunately it’s more about texting regularly, taking the perfect selfie together and liking pictures on Facebook and Instagram. It’s so important to get out of the virtual world and start making real memories that you would cherish later in life.

camping-gear-online Continue reading “Off with Tech – Choose Camping Instead”

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