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Scale Model Army: Use What’s in the Box & Think Outside the Box

There are many hobbies out there that let you be fairly constructive while also adding your own flair to the design you’re assembling or constructing. One of the hobbies that really allow you to express yourself in the methods, aesthetics and rules is table top gaming, you could play a game of Warhammer 40k with your homegrown chapter of adeptus astartes that specialize in whatever role you may want the freedom that these table top games allow for individual players and play styles, my personal favorite has to be Crossfire which allows for on the fly tactical decisions that wouldn’t really be possible in other games. With games like crossfire you can use accurate scale model armies that allow for some fairly interesting armies that are composed of specific units from a specific time period where you have to take in account all of the gear, vehicles and equipment the soldiers use. Continue reading “Scale Model Army: Use What’s in the Box & Think Outside the Box”

Must-haves for Babies when Starting Solids

So you have finally come to the solids phase?! Hooray! Introducing babies to solids is a whole new adventure of your love and you have to be well-prepared for it. No, my intention is not to scare you, but dealing with a baby who doesn’t open his mouth when the “airplane” comes is terrifying and exciting at the same way (exciting for when you achieve to put at least two spoons of solid food in his mouth). But let’s not jump to conclusions! You might be lucky and have a little angel who will eat everything you prepare for him, but the most important thing here is, when starting to introduce him/her to solids is to choose only organic food and to stock yourself with the needed feeding supplies. For new parents, here is a list of the must-haves for babies starting on solid foods; this will surely help you stay more organized. Continue reading “Must-haves for Babies when Starting Solids”

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