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An Introduction to RC Car Racing

There are many hobbies that keep getting underestimated by the general populace, video games, BMX, RC racing and many others. The number of people that don’t know how complex and interesting these hobbies and sports can get is staggering, so I’ve decided to write an introduction to one of them. RC racing, it’s one of the most interesting and fun sports one can think of, racing high speed cars without the danger and skill requirement of actual racing. And don’t be surprised by the fact that most participants are adults, this hobby requires some careful investment, namely you’ll need to know exactly what you’re doing and how much it’s going to cost you in both time and money.

In RC racing there are a few categories based on the power source of the vehicle and its type. The power used in RC racing are two primary sources, electric and nitro. Electric cars are the most common you’ll find out there, they’re powerful and can go a fairly long distance depending on the battery and receiver transmitter set up you have. As for nitro, it’s as simple as miniaturising your standard car engine to work on a 1/10 or 1/8 scale which is a fairly difficult design to get right on many different sizes and shapes only allowing for certain vehicle types to use this sort of power source. Continue reading “An Introduction to RC Car Racing”

Scale Model Cars – A Collector’s Dream Come True

A hobby is something most people could use in their life, it helps with focus and gives you something to do and most importantly of all is something you enjoy doing. There are more than a few hobbies out there, especially in Australia where people have a lot of free time due to the long days and short nights. Hobbies that involve construction and creation are some of the most popular specifically, going DIY on your own home and building things that would be practically useful.

However, not all creative hobbies involve making some piece of furniture or practical object. Some hobbies are simply there for the satisfaction of the participant in making something they love. Scaled model building is one of these hobbies, it’s essentally taking something from real life and scaling it down to a certain size. There are many objects people and vehicles that have been modeled after, from vast militaries to old and modern cars. What started out as educational toys that were meant to let people familiarise themselves with a certain vehicle or machine have been popularised to more than the intended audiance.

Continue reading “Scale Model Cars – A Collector’s Dream Come True”

The Past, Present and Future of 3D Printing

There are many innovations that started out as small projects that have turned into globe spanning consumer items that are available to the general public. One of these innovations is the 3D printer which started out as a small home project by one Charles Hull who called it the SLA printer, in the late 1980s it wasn’t as popular as printers are becoming today. 3D printers are common today, they’re somewhat affordable for the average Aussie, but still a costly hobby. Although, they’ll cut down cost on a variety of other things, essentially what you’ll have in your home is a bite sized factory that can produce small items that can be made of a few filaments that can vary from PLA (polyactic acid) which is the most common filament material, but also the most fragile material. Continue reading “The Past, Present and Future of 3D Printing”

A Guide to RC Cars and Their Components

There are many different hobbies that one can get into that are fairly popular in Australia, the number of people that are engaged in some sort of hobby is fair amount, so whatever hobby you want to participate in there will be people around it to help you get into it. One hobby that is fairly prevalent is the racing of RC cars, however there are many different types of RC cars around and choosing the right one would mean deciding on the terrain power and size of your RC vehicles. With the different terrains there are different types of vehicles that have different sizes and power outputs torque and the wheel size.

To decide the type of RC car you might enjoy using, you must first decide where you’ll be using it. As a larger scale example, you won’t use a sedan to drive through a heavily forested area, well same applies to RC vehicles. So you could go for off road RC’s, the many different RC trucks for sale give you a myriad of options. For off road RC’s there are trucks, buggies, monsters, truggies and scaled models that are RC cars on their own. The number of types and variations is numerous and you can find many different RC trucks for sale around in hobby shops that one can find in most cities. Continue reading “A Guide to RC Cars and Their Components”

Foolproof Way to Boost the Transmitter Range of Your RC

There are many online guides that promise through one way or another to improve the capabilities of your RC car, by adding some kind of household item to a component of your car. More often than not these guides focus on the car’s receiver and antenna, trying to boost its range by a significant margin with the simple addition of some aluminum foil, and that simply sounds absurd. While aluminum foil can be used as a makeshift antenna it simply does not boost the effectiveness of an existing antenna. Continue reading “Foolproof Way to Boost the Transmitter Range of Your RC”

Motion Controller: The C300 – a Reliable and Affordable Solution

Motion control is regarded as a sub-field in the automation industry. It works in a way where it encompassing the system with a sub-system where it is usually involved with the moving parts of the motion, where the motion controllers are controlling them in a way. The main parts that one motion control system is made are motion controller, energy amplifier and one or more disambiguation or actuators. In practice, there are two types of motion control, open loop and closed loop. Open lool systems work in a way where the motion controller sends a command through the amplifier to the main actuator where it is unknown whether the desired motions was completed or not. The most common system is made from a stepper motor or fan control. To have a better control of precision, it is added a measuring device which is located near the end motor. When the calculations of all measurements are completed, the signal is converted and sent back to the controller where the controller looks for errors, thus becoming a closed loop system.

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The Most Popular Types of AC Electric Motors

The world without an electronic motor is simple, not imaginable. Whether they are installed with their small version (such as tiny motors found in some type of watches) up to a million-plus horsepower that is found in ships and planes and dozens of others applications. An electric motor is a device that creates electrical energy to a kinetic energy. It can work both on alternating current or direct current, where some models can work on both electricity. In this article, we will go through the most popular types of AC electric motors that are used by the majority today.

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The Two Most Popular Big Flashlights in Australia

May there be light, in darkness with the most popular big flashlight in Australia! You’ve arrived here, at the right place at the right time. Australia has a lot of flashlight retailers, and let us be honest, Ebay is also here, so picking the right one, can take a while. However, to cut you from that pain of searching information, we have picked the two big flashlights that are currently one of the best items on the Australian market.

AceBeam D45 XHP70 4000 lumen

Weighing 436 grammes, the AceBeam XHP70 is a powerful flashlight equipped with the Cree XHP70 LED light offering you up to 4000 lumens. This fantastic and multi-functional flashlight comes at the price around $399 which is incredible. You control this device with the 316 stainless steel button switch with four levels of brightness. The first mode works on 350 lumens, and it can last 12.5 hours. The second mode goes up to 750 lumens and can operate for 6.2 hours. The third mode goes up to 1500 lumens and can work for 2.2 hours. And finally, the fourth mode works at 4000 lumens and can only last 1.4 hours.

Also, it comes with a Goodman-style glove that is used for hands-free operations and one ball joint so you can quickly set it on any camera. This big flashlight is perfect for diving into the Australian depths. This flashlight comes with a double press SOS button working at 350 lumens of brightness. The maximum distance of the beam goes up to 374 meters, and it is resistant to 1.2 meters.
The Durability of this flashlight comes from the durable aircraft grade aluminium which can withstand strong physical force. The surface that is made as a premium type which makes owning this flashlight amazing.

AceBeam EC50 Gen II XHP70 3000 lumen

Another premium product from the premium generations of big flashlights – the AceBeam EC50. This is a smaller version weighing just 129 grammes and offering only 3000 lumens. It is also equipped with the CREE XHP70 LED that has orange peel reflector and beams that can reach a distance up to 302 meters. This flashlight is chargeable with a 5000mAh 26650 Li-ion batter included. This is smaller than the previous one and comes with also four functions.


Both of these devices are an excellent choice. The only thing that you can choose from if you want more lumen power or the budget you have. Whether you are diving, hiking, or camping having the right light will make your experience safer and better.

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