Without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. When decorating this area it is of main importance to make it beautiful but functional as well. Incorporating bathroom shelves into your bathroom is a great way to boost its functionality and add a little extra storage. Today, there is a great range of bathroom shelves for sale which means you can easily find the most suitable one for your style and budget. If you are not sure what will fits you best, here are a few shelving ideas you may want to consider for your bathroom.

Floating shelves

The best thing about this type of bathroom shelves for sale is they take no floor space at all what makes them a perfect choice for a small bathroom. They also look modern and beautiful. Floating shelves made of glass are a great choice for modern bathrooms as they are a simple and clean while for a more traditional touch, you can opt for shelves made of wood. You can use them as bathroom shelves to store and display some accent pieces or you can use them as shower shelves where you can organize your shampoos, shower gels, conditioners.

Freestanding shelves

If you are considering freestanding shelves then you have plenty of options. You can choose one that stands in the corner, stands over the toilet or sits parallel to a wall. They are suitable for both, small and large bathrooms. They are space savers which means they won’t take up too much room, especially models that stand over the toilet. You will not sacrifice the free space in your bathroom while still be able to improve your storage.

Wall-mounted shelves

If you choose wall-mounted shelves you can choose from many different sizes, shapes and styles. Wall-mounted options are easy to customize so you can choose one that comes just with shelving and a door or one that has a built-in mirror. This way you can get two in one, a mirror and storage space for your toiletries. Regardless of which design you choose, with this furniture, you will receive a storage solution that is easy to reach.

Corner shelves

Do you have a small bathroom? If the answer is yes, then corner shelves are another good idea. However, they are not just a choice for smalle bathrooms, they can also add a nice decorative touch to large ones as well. V-shaped shelves fit perfectly in the corner providing you with a great place to store anything you want as long as it’s not something that is too heavy. You can use them to keep some essentials items like towels, toilet paper and other bathroom staples.