If you are one of those that enjoy cleaning their guns as much as you do shooting them, then you should keep on reading. What follows is a more detailed explanation about shooting accessories and the tools you need in order to complete your own gun cleaning kit. Let’s elaborate.

1.Bore Brush

Bore Brush shooting accessories

Bore brushes can be found in two different materials – bronze and nylon. The bronze type of bore brush is most often used for the first pass down the barrel in order to remove heavy carbon buildup. Nylon brushes are designed to be used on the more sensitive parts of the guns, especially when it is not overly convenient to use the bronze brush. They can reach into carved spaces and other hard-to-reach parts of the gun.

2.Double Ended Brushes

Shooting accessories double Ended Brushes

These are kind of toothbrush-style brushes which you can use to clean the exterior part of your gun. You can find this type of shooting accessories in a variety of different materials such as stainless steel, nylon and brass.

3.Cleaning Swab

Swab Cleaning shooting accessories

These are used similarly like any other brush. The cleaning swab is also known as a gun mop, generally made of cotton and used for the removal of any residue in the barrel. Once the buildup is removed, you can use the swab to get rid of access oil left in the barrel.

4.Cotton Swab

Cotton Swab shooting accessories

Cotton swabs are quite the popular choice for detailing of firearms. They come with a long, wooden handle that makes them simple and easy to push down the barrel and even apply more pressure without causing any damages.

5.Luster Cloth

Luster Cloth shooting accessories

This is a special type of cloth that is treated with a silicone lubricant. This makes it the ideal material for wiping down the gun on the outside. You can use a little dab of gun oil together with the cloth in the final touches of the cleaning process.

6.Cleaning Jag

cleaning jag shooting accessoriesa

Cotton made cleaning patches are usually placed in the centre of the jag. Its main purpose is to provide a 360° clean with bore surfaces. Jags are often nickel-plated or brass. These materials prevent scratching the inner barrel of your gun.

7.Cleaning Rods

cleaning rods shooting accessories

Out of all shooting accessories contained in a gun cleaning kit, many find cleaning rods to be the most essential ones. These are used for attaching all of the above-mentioned parts of the kit. You can find cleaning rods in different sizes, materials and shapes.