There’s no doubt that an iPhone is an expensive investment. Regardless of whether you are someone who constantly keeps up with the latest inventions, or you are holding on to a model that works, has all you need and has so far proven to withstand the test of time, an iPhone without a case is like a fish out of water, which means if you want to keep everything intact, you have to get a proper case.

When it comes to Otterbox and the lines of protective cases they offer for iPhones, one cannot and should not miss the Defender Case Series. The first and foremost reason why these can justify the “defender” part of the name is the multi-layer design that can protect your investment from potential falls. Next, these cases feature built-in touchscreen protectors which can successfully defend against scratches and scrapes, which are something no one can avoid.

Whether you need it for the newest iPhone 10, or an older version such as the iphone 6 cases otterbox offer innovative port plugs that allow for easy access and can keep the dust and debris out, thus reducing the chance to get the internal parts of your phone damaged.

The protective membrane cradles Touch ID feature is also present and its purpose is to maximize the functionality of your device. The iphone 6 cases otterbox offers feature are probably the easiest type to use as they offer a snap-click plastic shell which ensures hassle-free on-off installation.

Most of the cases of this line feature holster clips which can be attached to straps and belts and the option to lock the phone in place for hands-free viewing. It’s also important to mention that the holster is able to swivel in any direction

Material is another piece of the puzzle that makes otterbox out of the box thinkers. These cases feature a two-piece internal polycarbonate shell that snaps around the iPhone and the models for iPhone 6 also offer internal foam padding that makes for great cushioning.

There are many cases that include an integrated screen protector that is supposed to guard the phone against scratches and smudges, however, a lot of them do this at the expense of affecting the touchscreen’s sensitivity. The Otterbox Defender Case Series doesn’t have this issue.

Finally, you’ll also notice an outer synthetic rubber slip cover that wraps around the inner shell – this is for the purpose of absorbing impact from drops and bumps.