Over time things change and evolve. Skin care products are not an exception. The focus has shifted from chemical-based products to ones that contain naturally-derived ingredients. People are now more informed that using chemicals on the skin can lead to certain health problems and even cause negative hormonal changes. Besides, our skin is our largest organ, and it is only natural (see what I did there, chuckles) that we start paying more attention to what we put on it. Remember, what goes on, goes inside too – we absorb each and every product we choose to apply. The market has grown too, and there is one range of products that really do make a difference. I am talking about Sukin. A brand that brings the benefits of natural skin care products closer to you.

The Products

The range consists of five products – all important, and each with its own purpose. A reviving eye creаm, a rejuvenating day cream, an intensive firming serum, a night cream and a hydration elixir. And remember, for skin care to be successful layering the products in the correct order is as important as the choice of products. Serums, in particular, won’t do their magic if they are applied after heavier creams. In order for them to deeply sink in, they need to be applied on damp, clean skin. Here is the whole care routine explained in more detail.

Morning Rituals

In the morning you are advised to start with Sukin’s intensive firming serum, the eye cream and the day cream. First cleansing, and then start with the serum. The serum is rich in natural active ingredients that will make your skin feel smoother and more refined. This will do miracles for your natural skin care for wrinkles as it contains pure ribose, acacia gum and rosehip oil – the best helpers in the fight against ageing.

After that you should apply the eye cream. Remember that your under-eye area is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face, so a special product that works well for that area is a must. You can use your ring finger to gently dab the cream around your eyes, and let it do its work and fight against dark circles and fine lines. Moreover, its structure is light, and after applying it will perfectly settle and not cause heaviness. Lastly comes the day cream. This product is designed to visibly reduce wrinkles, so it is an important addition for your natural skin care for wrinkles. Plus, it feels incredibly smooth on the skin.

Night Rituals

After you get home, it is time to remove your make up and continue the routine. It comes as a bonus that the products you applied in the morning won’t mess your make up during the entire day. It will leave your skin glowing and will make you feel impatient about finishing up the routine and applying the rest of the products. After removing your make up and completely cleansing your face, you should apply the hydration elixir. It will instantly sink into your skin and will rehydrate your face and thus make a difference in the whole anti-aging fight.

You can let the elixir breathe for a few minutes, and then apply Sukin’s restorative night cream. It contains macadamia oil which makes your skin feel soft, hydrated and plump. You will feel its effect the next morning when you wake up to beautiful skin and an even skin tone. Moreover, your fine lines will start retreating and you will have a natural glow. In time, your skin will thank you for the treatment.