Meditation is the perfect way to train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. It is a process that reduces stress, develops concentration and enhances positive mood and self-discipline. However, in order to maintain the perfect posture and needed balance, you are going to need a meditation pillow for proper support. Here is all that in more details.

First of all, meditation is a routine that entails sitting, and without proper support, long sessions may cause physical discomfort. There are instances where people experience sore lower back, and feet that would fall asleep to a point that they couldn’t walk properly once they stand up. Many have tried blankets or cushions, but meditation pillows are specially made with a filling that really conforms to the shape of the body and supports the natural curvature of the spine. Plus, it lifts your hips and allows them to roll slightly forward, all the while supporting your lower back. This means that in time you will improve your posture, as sitting in backless seats strengthens the muscles, and keeps you from slouching.

There are a few attributes that make up a good and healthy meditation posture. First of all, your back should be straight – this helps the body to remain alert and focused. Second, you need stability. It will allow you to enjoy the routine without distractions and constant effort to stay in one position. And lastly, comfort. Meditation would work only if you feel comfortable and relaxed. If during the meditation you do feel tension at some point or any type of discomfort you can try to shift your posture or take a break. Continue your session only when you feel ready.

Besides being extremely comfortable, meditation pillows are convenient as well. They are easily portable since they are lightweight and not too big, so they fit in a backpack or suitcase if you want to meditate when travelling. In addition to all that, meditation pillows can serve their purpose when you practice yoga as well. They will support your knees in reclined twists, or you can use them as bolsters in some of the laying positions.

Traditionally meditation pillows were round, but as time passes by they evolve and thus go through changes. Today, you can find different styles, shapes and sizes. It is recommended to find a style that you like (so you can use it more often with pleasure) and one whose shape perfectly matches your body type and offers the much-needed support each user strives for.