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May 2019

Getting a Basic Understanding of the Different Types of Partial Dentures

A partial denture is an affordable tooth replacing option that can be used to replace one or a few teeth. A much more affordable option than implants, a partial denture will help you bite and chew again.

Partial dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to pink gum-coloured bases. This teeth replacement option has come a long way in terms of how believable they are and your dentist will design the partial denture depending on the colour of your teeth and your particular needs. Different types of partial dentures are available in terms of material and hardware choices. Below I will discuss the two most popular (acrylic and metal) and outline their pros and cons. Continue reading “Getting a Basic Understanding of the Different Types of Partial Dentures”

Anti-aging Skin Care Routine: Reasons Why You Should Go Natural

Over time things change and evolve. Skin care products are not an exception. The focus has shifted from chemical-based products to ones that contain naturally-derived ingredients. People are now more informed that using chemicals on the skin can lead to certain health problems and even cause negative hormonal changes. Besides, our skin is our largest organ, and it is only natural (see what I did there, chuckles) that we start paying more attention to what we put on it. Remember, what goes on, goes inside too – we absorb each and every product we choose to apply. The market has grown too, and there is one range of products that really do make a difference. I am talking about Sukin. A brand that brings the benefits of natural skin care products closer to you. Continue reading “Anti-aging Skin Care Routine: Reasons Why You Should Go Natural”

Master the Fine Art of Meditation with a Proper Pillow

Meditation is the perfect way to train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. It is a process that reduces stress, develops concentration and enhances positive mood and self-discipline. However, in order to maintain the perfect posture and needed balance, you are going to need a meditation pillow for proper support. Here is all that in more details. Continue reading “Master the Fine Art of Meditation with a Proper Pillow”

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Bath Towels

From the wonderfully luxurious bath towels we use to pamper ourselves to the humble hand towels we user every day, towels are among the most practical and essential items in the home. To help you make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes, I’ve put together a few tips from the experts for buying the perfect towels for you. Continue reading “Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Bath Towels”

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