As we already know, every room in the home has its own focal point, and when it comes to the dining room, the first thing we notice is the dining table set or to be more precise, the dining chairs. Although the table can attract one’s eye, it is surrounded and in a way shielded by the chairs which means that they are the first thing we see in a dining room.

When it comes to choosing modern dining chairs Melbourne Australia production should be your first choice according to interior designers not only because of the quality, but because of the fact that you are helping our country’s business companies and the overall economy as well. To be more precise, you can find a great range of astonishing designs of dining chairs Melbourne Australia online specialized stores which can surely ease your choice. Since the purpose of dining chairs is to complement the dining table, you can choose from a plethora of them ranging in size, shape, height and design.

The first and most important thing to do when buying furniture of any kind is to measure the free space. For example, the standard seat height of a dining chair is 45cm while the standard table height is around 75cm, and the general rule you need to follow says that there should be 30cm between the top of the seat and the bottom of the table. So, when choosing dining chairs, make sure you take into account all of this as not all dining rooms are big enough to accommodate more than 4 chairs and the rule suggests that there should be 60cm of room per chair. For example, a 1.80m long dining table can fit 6 chairs, a 2.43m dining table can fit 8 chairs and a 3m dining table can accommodate 10 chairs. However, when throwing some kind of a party, you can ditch this rule and squeeze as many chairs as possible (chuckles).

When it comes to materials, if you want to achieve a mix and matched look, you’ll need to take into account the already established overall style of the room. The ideal way to achieve this is by incorporating at least one consistent and one contrasting element, as this would give the room life and lots of positive vibes. Leather, microfiber, velvet and cotton are among the most commonly used types of fabrics for dining chairs, whereas for the construction of the chairs itself, the most common ones are wood, metal and some types of plastic.