Travelling with your morning coffee right next to you is not a luxury, it is a part of your daily routine. We are constantly short of time so most of us are enjoying the freshly made coffee while we are on our way to work. Being able to drink your hot drink on a ride is great but it can also become a messy adventure if you do not use the right coffee cup. Fortunately, insulated travel mugs make everything easier. They are getting more and more popular these days and are widely used by people who enjoy coffee on the go. Since coffee is best when is hot, an insulated cup will ensure you are having your drink secured and at the right temperature regardless of your travel distance thanks to the stainless steel material it’s made of.

Maybe they do not look as glamorous like other cups, but thanks to their benefits they beat all the other options out there. They are reusable, recyclable and offer strong impact resistance. So maybe you are in doubt whether to buy insulated travel mug or not? Here is what makes these mugs worth the investment.

buy insulated travel mug

They last a lifetime

Buying a stainless steel coffee mug means you will own one for a lifetime. The material itself is indestructible and has superior strength properties compared to cups made of plastic and glass. Glass cups look fancy and modern but they are not the best choice for travelling or large events. Aluminium is tough, but cups made of it are susceptible to leaks and corrosion. Plastic is lightweight but it can easily disintegrate or crack with frequent use and washing and the worst part, it can melt when exposed to extreme heat. So speaking of longevity, nothing can beat the strong and quality stainless steel travel mug.

Safest material for hot drinks

Another reason to buy insulated travel mug made of stainless steel is that is non-toxic. This means that these cups are BPA free, lead, phthalates, zinc and other toxic materials that can be found in plastic and aluminium cups and which are closely related to a range of health issues. Stainless steel is well-known for its hygienic and antibacterial properties which is why is widely used in the food industry. Also, holding your hot coffee in a stainless steel mug means there will be no leaking and you will have your coffee with a clean taste without flavour and smell.

Easy to clean

Unlike mugs made of glass and plastic, stainless steel cups are super easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to corrosion, rust and stains and are incredibly easy to wash. There are no worries that the mug will slip from your hands and fall into pieces which on the other hand can easily happen to glass cups. You can wash them both ways, in the dishwasher or by hand.

These travel mugs are durable, reusable, recyclable and environment-friendly. They are not just a great choice for your coffee to go, but they are perfect for any outdoor activity such as picnics and camping. They will keep your drink cold or hot, but they are also great for mixing drinks so you can make your own cocktails somewhere in the forest while caping with friends.