Underweight products are not what the sweet dreams of customers are made of. Similarly, giving away more product than it was intended is not something manufacturers look forward to. That is precisely why maintaining weights is of such great importance and that aspect is closely related to accurate depositing. In light of that, let’s look into what producers can do to maintain consistent weights day in and day out.

food depositor

First, let’s get the legal stuff out of the way. It is no coincidence that package labelling regulations strictly demand a declaration of the contents’ weight. This means that manufacturers have to match the weight of food with the stated amount. At a first glance, it may seem like this rule exists to prevent consumer dissatisfaction, but overweight products are also an issue. That is why being in compliance with these rules is mandatory for all foods.

If producers are devoted to keeping up with innovations and invest in new food depositor machines that offer high weight accuracy, apart from ensuring that everything is as it should be from a legal standpoint, they will avoid wasting product material which translates into wasting money. The latest types of food depositors are designed to function as an all-in-one depositor. The additional roles such food depositor will have are those of an extruder and wire cutter. These machines are also able to perform a special type of processing with interpolations of the axes, which means that by utilizing them, producers will be able to create fully customized cookies.

The most pivotal aspect that ensures accuracy is having full control over parameters such as viscosity, pH, crystal structure, temperature, density and capacity. Consistent doughs are the foundation of everything. If the doughs are delivered at consistent temperatures and viscosity, everything that is produced is going to be the same, all day, every day. Another thing that can affect piece-weight accuracy is the process of mixing during which the person should check if all ingredients are blended thoroughly.

Last, but not least, producers should prioritize maintenance which means the people who will work on these machines need to receive thorough training. These workers are to monitor all of the deposit parameters during machine operation. The machine should also not have any residue and the wirecut cups should be checked for nicks and damage. Also, they should keep in mind that certain types of doughs might require some lay time before they are ready for depositing.