Have you ever experienced some type of discomfort or pain in the lower part of your body?! If so, you are familiar with the pain and struggle that comes with it, and fortunately, there is a cure or at least an appropriate solution that will ease that pain of yours (of any kind). That solution we are talking about is called a sitz bath or also known as a hip bath, and it is a type of bath that allows you to sit with your buttocks up to your hips in warm/cold water, and a saline solution in a bathtub or in a large basin.

Since we already said that sitz bath can ease and relieve any type of pain, it is understandable that these small wonders are medically recommended thus safe for use. Generally speaking, when talking about sitz bath Australia users say that these types of baths are a great option for people with any type of lower body pain, swelling, inflammation, or irritation in the perineum. According to sitz bath Australia specialists, they are also helpful for people who have problems in the anal area or some kind of infection. The best part about these types of baths is that they are pretty simple to use. All you need is to buy a sitz bath kit and fill it with a warm or cold water as different problems require a different cure. In some cases, you may need to switch periodically from warm to cold water and vice versa.

The ready to buy sitz bath kits can be used with any type of toilet seat, and usually, sitz bath kits consist of a plastic bag, attached to a long tube, leading to a shallow plastic basin. Once filled with water and a solution (optional) you can place it on the toilet and sit on it as long as you want. The other way to make your home sitz bath is to fill your bathtub with water and sit in it, however, the ready to buy sitz baths are more hygienic and safe to use.

Except for the aforementioned benefits, sitz baths are great for curing haemorrhoids or also known as piles. Haemorrhoids in a fact are swollen veins located around the anus or in the lower rectum and in some cases can be really painful, and they are very common in both men and women. The heat coming from hot water can help soothe haemorrhoids and relieve pain and itchy sensations as well. However, women after vaginal birth can also benefit a lot form sitz baths as they reduce the vaginal birth discomfort and pain, as well as some types of vaginal infections or inflammations.