Cycling is a popular outdoor activity among Australians and for very good reasons that is. In addition to being a fun recreational sport, cycling is a low impact form of exercises that can provide many health benefits. Unlike running which can put a lot of stain on your muscles and joints, riding a bike is gentle on your joints and can help you get in shape quickly and easily. Plus, it requires you to activate different parts of your body, thus allowing you to strengthen your muscles. Riding a bike is a great way to distress and distance yourself at least for a few hours from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment.

There are many gorgeous biking trails all over Australia that allow you to explore the natural beauty of our country, all while enjoying a fun and thrilling bike ride. So, what are you waiting for put on a comfortable cycling outfit, take your bike out of the garage and embark on a cycling adventure. Your cycling outfit should consist of athletic pants and a shirt that provide a nice fit, while being comfortable at the same time. In addition to this you will need special bike shoes Spd compatible that are specifically designed to suit your bike’s specific type of peddles. To choose the right bike shoes Spd for your needs it’s important to get familiar with all the different types.

Road Bike Shoes

Considered as the standard model of cycling footwear, road bike shoes have a simple yet practical design. They feature a low-profile sole that has a smooth surface and is made from either plastic or carbon, both of which are durable and flexible. This type of shoes also come with vented uppers that provide air circulation, thus keeping your feet dry and cool. Road bike shoes are available in a range of different size. Make sure you choose a model that fits your properly, to avoid blisters and other foot injuries.

Mountain Bike Shoes

With their unique design and many extra features, mountain bike shoes differ considerably from road shoes in terms of both function and appearance. They feature grips and lugs on the sloe, which allow you to both ride and walk with your shoes on muddy and tough terrains. Most models are made from sturdy, water resistant materials like synthetic leather.

Triathlon Bike Shoes

Last, but not least we have the triathlon bike shoes which have many practical features. They are made from flexible yet durable material and are soft lined, which allows you to wear them without socks. They feature a single strap that makes it easier to adjust and secure the shoe in a way that provide you the most comfort and support.