A hobby is something most people could use in their life, it helps with focus and gives you something to do and most importantly of all is something you enjoy doing. There are more than a few hobbies out there, especially in Australia where people have a lot of free time due to the long days and short nights. Hobbies that involve construction and creation are some of the most popular specifically, going DIY on your own home and building things that would be practically useful.

However, not all creative hobbies involve making some piece of furniture or practical object. Some hobbies are simply there for the satisfaction of the participant in making something they love. Scaled model building is one of these hobbies, it’s essentally taking something from real life and scaling it down to a certain size. There are many objects people and vehicles that have been modeled after, from vast militaries to old and modern cars. What started out as educational toys that were meant to let people familiarise themselves with a certain vehicle or machine have been popularised to more than the intended audiance.


Getting a set of model car kits for a child could help them develop some fine hand coordination skills while also giving them something to do (provided they’re old enough and able to pay attention). It can also count as a family activity, especially if there is more than one person in the family that’s into cars, since you can make anything from a Ferari F50 to an iconic vehicle like Castrol Tom’s Toyota Supra GT, and depending on the manufacturer you’ll see cars from many different countries.

When it comes to manufacturer and chosing the right size you’ll need to look at some of the options that are available to you. If you’re only a beginner, assembling your first car you should go for a 1, 2 and 3, which have the fewest number of parts and are the simplest cars to build. As for manufacturers, Tamiya is usually a great place to start, they also have a plethora of military models and paints so there is also variety in their products. The diecast model car kits you can find online trump whatever one can find in the usual hobby shops, the sizes also vary more online.

If you are going to make a scaled model collection then you should consider the size of your cars, they need to stay consistent. Usually you’ll find many different sizes but going for either 1/24 or 1/25 will do the job since most models have variants in those two sizes.