There are vehicles that have earned their titles through various trials and tribulations that would destroy your average sedan. One vehicle tested in fire is the Toyota Hilux which has been likened to the AK-47 (although the ones you usually see on the people driving in the Hiluxes usually have the 49 variant that has a stamped receiver) which puts it in the category of extremely resilient vehicles that have been put to the test. Due to this resilience and durability it’s also a fairly popular vehicle in Australia, the most popular in fact, from 2012 to recent day the Hilux has reigned supreme in the 4×4 market both in total vehicle sails and in the modifications for said vehicle.

While it doesn’t desperately need extensive modification, it can handle most roads without any extra equipment, however, this isn’t the case for all of the roads. Some of the rougher roads could prove a challenge to the Hilux where the use of modifications come in to improve one aspect or another of the Hilux’s capabilities. The most popular mods that are used not only for the Hilux but also for most 4×4 vehicles out there. Toyota’s ute has a reputation in the off-road community for being easily modable with bull bars, lift kits with Toyota Hilux spacers, snorkels, canopies all of which need to fall under regulation, and before installing them the customer should consult their insurance company since some modifications are restricted and cannot be insured by the insurance company meaning your vehicle could be damaged and you will have no way of covering the cost of repairs.

A number of mechanics would recommend that you always start with the heaviest modifications on the Hilux, this is to know exactly what kind of lift kit or suspension system you should get. The weight dictates this, with the correct system in place to counteract the weight it will be able to go on for days on end without any problems. However, simply sticking it on isn’t as easy as one might be left to believe, one will need to consult a professional before and during the installation of any modifications to the Hilux. Especially with the lift kit since the Toyota Hilux spacers that only fit to their specific wheel type. There are two types of lift kits, ones that work by installing larger wheels and ones that are made with longer suspension coils and rods to give it a few inches off the ground.