When it comes to wedding centerpieces, it can be hard to think outside of the box. Simple vases with flowers are the most common option as they always look beautiful, so there’s no need to think about every item that should go on your wedding tables. However, when you come across fun wedding ideas that you haven’t seen a million other times, you creativity levels get instantly raised.

Bellow are some unique wedding centerpieces ideas that aside from being beautiful are all relatively easy to do it yourself.

Vases With Flowers in Water


Easy and inexpensive, these whimsical centerpieces will surely amaze your guests. For this centerpiece you will need vases off different sizes, stones (that you can collect at the beach for free, flowers, and a floating candle. If you prefer, instead of flowers you can also use rose petals.

Upside Down Wine Glasses


No fancy candlestick, no problem. Simply turn your wine glasses upside down and get the perfect candlestick for your wedding centerpieces. To spice up, place flowers, marbles, or another décor underneath the cup. To complete the look you can use candles of different shapes (rounds, squares).

Glittery Wine Bottles


Just as there are about hundreds of ways to decorate wine bottles, there are hundreds of ways to turn them into beautiful centerpieces, but these golden glittery ones are real winners. Combine them with flowers, candles, votives, or whatever you want.

Sand Bottles


Sand bottles are a striking décor for a beach wedding or a summer wedding. Fill uniquely shaped bottles (milk jugs, for example) with sand and stick a flower or succulent, or add some stones and shells, or display as is.

A Succulent Centerpiece


A succulent centerpiece is a great option if you are looking to add a more natural vibe to your wedding. For that, you will need a ceramic pot, some potting soil, and succulents. Just pot and place in the center of the table with nothing else to pair it.

A Bowl of Seashells


If you are looking to bring beach vibes to your wedding, this romantic centerpiece is perfect for you. It is extremely simple to make and will help set a romantic mood at the table. To make it you will simply need to put the shells in the bowl and fill it with water. Don’t forget to add a floating candle.

Making your own wedding centerpieces can be more fun than you imagine. And you won’t have to do it alone. Call your bridesmaids, get a few bottles of wine ready, and make it a bonding event. Together, you can create some pretty amazing wedding centerpieces that will impress your guests and this will give you a great chance to add a personal touch to your wedding – and all this without going broke!