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June 2018

A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Abrasive Flap Wheels

A lot of people who use grinding wheels overlook the benefits a flap wheel offers. Flap discs are very versatile abrasive tools that can be used in a wide range of applications – from finishing to grinding and stock removal. All of this makes flap wheels the preferable choice over grinding wheels, and if you’re considering abrasive wheels for your next project, flap wheels might be the solution you need. However, just as there are various different types of grinding wheels, there are various different types of flap wheels. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Abrasive Flap Wheels”

Introducing Sitz Baths and Their Benefits

Have you ever experienced some type of discomfort or pain in the lower part of your body?! If so, you are familiar with the pain and struggle that comes with it, and fortunately, there is a cure or at least an appropriate solution that will ease that pain of yours (of any kind). That solution we are talking about is called a sitz bath or also known as a hip bath, and it is a type of bath that allows you to sit with your buttocks up to your hips in warm/cold water, and a saline solution in a bathtub or in a large basin. Continue reading “Introducing Sitz Baths and Their Benefits”

An Introduction to RC Car Racing

There are many hobbies that keep getting underestimated by the general populace, video games, BMX, RC racing and many others. The number of people that don’t know how complex and interesting these hobbies and sports can get is staggering, so I’ve decided to write an introduction to one of them. RC racing, it’s one of the most interesting and fun sports one can think of, racing high speed cars without the danger and skill requirement of actual racing. And don’t be surprised by the fact that most participants are adults, this hobby requires some careful investment, namely you’ll need to know exactly what you’re doing and how much it’s going to cost you in both time and money.

In RC racing there are a few categories based on the power source of the vehicle and its type. The power used in RC racing are two primary sources, electric and nitro. Electric cars are the most common you’ll find out there, they’re powerful and can go a fairly long distance depending on the battery and receiver transmitter set up you have. As for nitro, it’s as simple as miniaturising your standard car engine to work on a 1/10 or 1/8 scale which is a fairly difficult design to get right on many different sizes and shapes only allowing for certain vehicle types to use this sort of power source. Continue reading “An Introduction to RC Car Racing”

Tips on Making Your Living Room Cosier and More Organized

As the place where family member gather to relax and spend some quality time together, the living room is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the urban home. It can also serve as a nice area for hosting guests and as such it becomes a true hub of activity. Since there are so many activities that take place in the living room, this area of the home can often become messy and disorganised, as opposed to the cosy and inviting feel it should lend to the home. Continue reading “Tips on Making Your Living Room Cosier and More Organized”

The Different Types of Bike Shoes

Cycling is a popular outdoor activity among Australians and for very good reasons that is. In addition to being a fun recreational sport, cycling is a low impact form of exercises that can provide many health benefits. Unlike running which can put a lot of stain on your muscles and joints, riding a bike is gentle on your joints and can help you get in shape quickly and easily. Plus, it requires you to activate different parts of your body, thus allowing you to strengthen your muscles. Riding a bike is a great way to distress and distance yourself at least for a few hours from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment. Continue reading “The Different Types of Bike Shoes”

Scale Model Cars – A Collector’s Dream Come True

A hobby is something most people could use in their life, it helps with focus and gives you something to do and most importantly of all is something you enjoy doing. There are more than a few hobbies out there, especially in Australia where people have a lot of free time due to the long days and short nights. Hobbies that involve construction and creation are some of the most popular specifically, going DIY on your own home and building things that would be practically useful.

However, not all creative hobbies involve making some piece of furniture or practical object. Some hobbies are simply there for the satisfaction of the participant in making something they love. Scaled model building is one of these hobbies, it’s essentally taking something from real life and scaling it down to a certain size. There are many objects people and vehicles that have been modeled after, from vast militaries to old and modern cars. What started out as educational toys that were meant to let people familiarise themselves with a certain vehicle or machine have been popularised to more than the intended audiance.

Continue reading “Scale Model Cars – A Collector’s Dream Come True”

The Best Mods to Install on a Hilux

There are vehicles that have earned their titles through various trials and tribulations that would destroy your average sedan. One vehicle tested in fire is the Toyota Hilux which has been likened to the AK-47 (although the ones you usually see on the people driving in the Hiluxes usually have the 49 variant that has a stamped receiver) which puts it in the category of extremely resilient vehicles that have been put to the test. Due to this resilience and durability it’s also a fairly popular vehicle in Australia, the most popular in fact, from 2012 to recent day the Hilux has reigned supreme in the 4×4 market both in total vehicle sails and in the modifications for said vehicle. Continue reading “The Best Mods to Install on a Hilux”

Digital or Analogue – Choosing the Right Weighing Scale

Even though scary, women cannot live without a weighing scale as they are like their addiction, and once in their home, they cannot stop using them. Weighting in the morning is like their good morning routine and usually, they pray for better results than the previous day (chuckles). But with the huge selection on the market, sometimes choosing the right one can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to choosing the right type.

Generally speaking, there are two types of body weight scale available on the market, digital and analogue, and each of them has its pros and cons. Lots of research have been made and almost all of them show that digital body weight scales are better and more accurate, however, in order not to make rush decisions let’s see what are their characteristics and “superpowers”. Continue reading “Digital or Analogue – Choosing the Right Weighing Scale”

Ideas for Budget Friendly Yet Authentic Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, it can be hard to think outside of the box. Simple vases with flowers are the most common option as they always look beautiful, so there’s no need to think about every item that should go on your wedding tables. However, when you come across fun wedding ideas that you haven’t seen a million other times, you creativity levels get instantly raised.

Bellow are some unique wedding centerpieces ideas that aside from being beautiful are all relatively easy to do it yourself. Continue reading “Ideas for Budget Friendly Yet Authentic Wedding Centerpieces”

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