There are many hobbies out there that let you be fairly constructive while also adding your own flair to the design you’re assembling or constructing. One of the hobbies that really allow you to express yourself in the methods, aesthetics and rules is table top gaming, you could play a game of Warhammer 40k with your homegrown chapter of adeptus astartes that specialize in whatever role you may want the freedom that these table top games allow for individual players and play styles, my personal favorite has to be Crossfire which allows for on the fly tactical decisions that wouldn’t really be possible in other games. With games like crossfire you can use accurate scale model armies that allow for some fairly interesting armies that are composed of specific units from a specific time period where you have to take in account all of the gear, vehicles and equipment the soldiers use.plastic

Building your own military models Australia style such as the modern ADF (Australian Defence Forces) vehicles and soldiers with the appropriate uniforms equipment and all to scale. The A.S.A.S is my personal favorite but there are many models, periods and styles to chose from and how you paint them or have them painted by a professional is based on your own personal ideas and preference. The number of different armies you can assemble is staggering you could have a combined ops scenario between the Japanese air force and the Luftwaffe which you really wouldn’t find anywhere else. However, you’ll have to build or mould these parts out of the boxes and then assemble them together, you can use this opportunity to customize your units with specific unique characteristics and tweaks that you wouldn’t find on any store bought or premade unit models. You should also either paint them yourself or have a professional paint them for you in a certain style.

The number of different military models Australia hobbyists have are fairly high with many of them suggesting a different models for any beginners in the hobbyists. Checking the numerous suggestions that your fellow hobbyists give for which brand of scale models, the variety of different army models is simply staggering so make sure that what you get fits the decks of your local hobbyists so you can have proper battles. These could also be used for decorating a shelf you have at home but primarily you should use them for a lot of fun table top gaming.