Australia is one of the most popular places to go off road, in some places it’s unavoidable even, rural areas are pretty saturated with dirt roads that are prime target for any off road enthusiasts. There are many enthusiasts going to Australia to test out their vehicles in a variety of environments, and with most of them you’ll see a lot of modifications that change the vehicle’s performance and how well it’s protected from the elements and the debris that they will encounter on their way through the outback. These modifications usually consist of bull bars, rear bars, side rails, snorkels and a variety of engine modifications to boost the performance.

There are many different modifications that could help a 4×4 for a variety of purposes, the most prominent of which are the protection modifications. The aforementioned bull bars rear bars and side rails aren’t mandatory but would be useful for protecting the vehicle from a variety of possible ways that it can be damaged in. But there are also many minor modifcations that are relatively inexpensive compared to larger and more complex mods out there. Modifcations such as a headlight protector which does what the name would suggest, they’re useful since they protect the headlights of the vehicle, which do get broken often when out in the outback, be it by attacking kangaroos bumps or any accidental crash you mayheadlight protector 1

Most inexpensive modifications have one practical purpose without adding much to the aesthetic of the vehicle, one such modification is the winch that can get your vehicle out of a stuck position by attaching the winch to a static object such as a tree or attach it to another vehicle. Modifications other than headlight protector and whinches are extra headlights that would definitelly increase your visibility during the night and remember to always do the research before you install a modification, namely you have to make sure that your vehicle is compatible with the mods taht you want to install.

With these simple modifications such as the above mentioned ones and others such as an aftermarket exhaust muffler. It would help exhaust gases and give let the engine work more efficiency. There are many other modifications you can make to your vehicle that are relatively cost effective, too many to list in one article. So doing some research on the mods you want for your 4×4 would be easy enough since there are many sites that have listings of modifications for specific vehicles.