Getting into a hobby is something that doesn’t only take a bit of dedication but also a lot of knowledge on the subject matter of said hobby, the terminology, the equipment and the different processes and rituals all need to be observed and practiced by beginners. One such hobby is RC car racing which has many forms, and going for the general description of the hobby is simply useless since an off road RC racer will have a different idea to an RC drifter, so what you first need to look for are the different types of RC’s and how they differ in mechanics, rules and environment. The type of racing is based on the type of RC car one might have at their disposal, so to choose what type of racing you’ll be doing you’ll also have to choose the type of RC you’ll be using.

First is the most basic out of all the RC cars, there are two primary categories pavement and off road which have their own sub-categories that are distinct from one another. Pavement RC cars are your standard road cars, usually they’re scaled models of real cars that are used for racing on small tracks one can make in their own drive way. Then there are the rally cars that bridge the gap between on and off road driving it can drive both on and off road having a little more ground clearance. Then there are drift cars that have the specific purpose of drifting on the streets and hitting tight corners, they can be simulated with regular RC cars by putting tape on the wheels to smooth them out but it isn’t as good as a dedicated drifting RC.

Off road RC’s now this is where it gets interesting with RC stadium truck, monster trucks, buggies crawlers and myriad of hybrids. The RC stadium truck are used for both on and off road driving but are still large and have enough ground clearance to be able to make large jumps and their wide bodies give a parachute effect that lets them land slowly compared to other RC cars of the same size. Then monster trucks, which is the largest out of all the RC cars and can easily go over almost all terrains that you throw at it. Crawlers on the other hand have a special purpose, namely they are the rock crawlers of the RC world and have special suspension systems meant to give them better crawling capabilities than any other type of RC car. Whichever type you chose remember that usually gatherings for this hobby have all types of racers so whichever you get will probably have a place at the gathering.