There are many different hobbies that one can get into that are fairly popular in Australia, the number of people that are engaged in some sort of hobby is fair amount, so whatever hobby you want to participate in there will be people around it to help you get into it. One hobby that is fairly prevalent is the racing of RC cars, however there are many different types of RC cars around and choosing the right one would mean deciding on the terrain power and size of your RC vehicles. With the different terrains there are different types of vehicles that have different sizes and power outputs torque and the wheel size.

To decide the type of RC car you might enjoy using, you must first decide where you’ll be using it. As a larger scale example, you won’t use a sedan to drive through a heavily forested area, well same applies to RC vehicles. So you could go for off road RC’s, the many different RC trucks for sale give you a myriad of options. For off road RC’s there are trucks, buggies, monsters, truggies and scaled models that are RC cars on their own. The number of types and variations is numerous and you can find many different RC trucks for sale around in hobby shops that one can find in most cities.rctrucks1

You could also get on road varaints that have different tyres that are smoother and meant for speed on road rather than crawling along on top of grass and rocks. You could always get street, drift and scale cars that are meant for speed and mobility on a variety of flat and relatively smooth terrains. The number of vehicles is immense and choosing is usually dependent on your own prefeference and the quality of the vehicle usually depends on the price, however you shouldn’t immediatelly jump to a high quality vehicle. If you are only starting out in this hobby first get a relatively cost effective RC that you can practice with to ensure that you are ready when the time comes.

Building your own RC is also an option, however there are nuances that could make or break your car, so before you even attempt it you should research all of the components you’ll be using it. While this could lead to you having your ideal RC you should first get a pre-built RC so you can get a feel for the hobby.