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May 2018

Important Things You Should Know About Weapon Lights

Weapon lights are commonly used by hunter, police officers, and soldiers simply because they enhance visibility and allow for enhanced precision when shooting a specific target. Hunter that like to go hunting at night, in particular are in need of a top quality weapon light that can improve both visibility and safety. Considering the fact that there is a vast selection of weapon lights on the market, choosing the right one for your needs might be confusing and difficult. Continue reading “Important Things You Should Know About Weapon Lights”

Scale Model Army: Use What’s in the Box & Think Outside the Box

There are many hobbies out there that let you be fairly constructive while also adding your own flair to the design you’re assembling or constructing. One of the hobbies that really allow you to express yourself in the methods, aesthetics and rules is table top gaming, you could play a game of Warhammer 40k with your homegrown chapter of adeptus astartes that specialize in whatever role you may want the freedom that these table top games allow for individual players and play styles, my personal favorite has to be Crossfire which allows for on the fly tactical decisions that wouldn’t really be possible in other games. With games like crossfire you can use accurate scale model armies that allow for some fairly interesting armies that are composed of specific units from a specific time period where you have to take in account all of the gear, vehicles and equipment the soldiers use. Continue reading “Scale Model Army: Use What’s in the Box & Think Outside the Box”

Cost Effective 4×4 Modifications

Australia is one of the most popular places to go off road, in some places it’s unavoidable even, rural areas are pretty saturated with dirt roads that are prime target for any off road enthusiasts. There are many enthusiasts going to Australia to test out their vehicles in a variety of environments, and with most of them you’ll see a lot of modifications that change the vehicle’s performance and how well it’s protected from the elements and the debris that they will encounter on their way through the outback. These modifications usually consist of bull bars, rear bars, side rails, snorkels and a variety of engine modifications to boost the performance.

There are many different modifications that could help a 4×4 for a variety of purposes, the most prominent of which are the protection modifications. The aforementioned bull bars rear bars and side rails aren’t mandatory but would be useful for protecting the vehicle from a variety of possible ways that it can be damaged in. But there are also many minor modifcations that are relatively inexpensive compared to larger and more complex mods out there. Modifcations such as a headlight protector which does what the name would suggest, they’re useful since they protect the headlights of the vehicle, which do get broken often when out in the outback, be it by attacking kangaroos bumps or any accidental crash you may Continue reading “Cost Effective 4×4 Modifications”

A Beginner’s Guide to RC Cars and Their Variations

Getting into a hobby is something that doesn’t only take a bit of dedication but also a lot of knowledge on the subject matter of said hobby, the terminology, the equipment and the different processes and rituals all need to be observed and practiced by beginners. One such hobby is RC car racing which has many forms, and going for the general description of the hobby is simply useless since an off road RC racer will have a different idea to an RC drifter, so what you first need to look for are the different types of RC’s and how they differ in mechanics, rules and environment. The type of racing is based on the type of RC car one might have at their disposal, so to choose what type of racing you’ll be doing you’ll also have to choose the type of RC you’ll be using. Continue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to RC Cars and Their Variations”

Pet Air Travel Checklist – How to Prepare for the Journey Ahead

You’ve decided to take your beloved pet with you on vacation for the first time, but are unsure how you’re going to prepare everything for the trip. Travelling with pets can be difficult, considering the fat that your furry friend probably isn’t used to going on long trips. Airline travel, in particular requires careful planning of every detail. Plus, every country has specific rules about pets that are travelling by plane.

Continue reading “Pet Air Travel Checklist – How to Prepare for the Journey Ahead”

The Past, Present and Future of 3D Printing

There are many innovations that started out as small projects that have turned into globe spanning consumer items that are available to the general public. One of these innovations is the 3D printer which started out as a small home project by one Charles Hull who called it the SLA printer, in the late 1980s it wasn’t as popular as printers are becoming today. 3D printers are common today, they’re somewhat affordable for the average Aussie, but still a costly hobby. Although, they’ll cut down cost on a variety of other things, essentially what you’ll have in your home is a bite sized factory that can produce small items that can be made of a few filaments that can vary from PLA (polyactic acid) which is the most common filament material, but also the most fragile material. Continue reading “The Past, Present and Future of 3D Printing”

A Guide to RC Cars and Their Components

There are many different hobbies that one can get into that are fairly popular in Australia, the number of people that are engaged in some sort of hobby is fair amount, so whatever hobby you want to participate in there will be people around it to help you get into it. One hobby that is fairly prevalent is the racing of RC cars, however there are many different types of RC cars around and choosing the right one would mean deciding on the terrain power and size of your RC vehicles. With the different terrains there are different types of vehicles that have different sizes and power outputs torque and the wheel size.

To decide the type of RC car you might enjoy using, you must first decide where you’ll be using it. As a larger scale example, you won’t use a sedan to drive through a heavily forested area, well same applies to RC vehicles. So you could go for off road RC’s, the many different RC trucks for sale give you a myriad of options. For off road RC’s there are trucks, buggies, monsters, truggies and scaled models that are RC cars on their own. The number of types and variations is numerous and you can find many different RC trucks for sale around in hobby shops that one can find in most cities. Continue reading “A Guide to RC Cars and Their Components”

All You Need to Know about Arc Welding

The process of fusing and cutting metals is one of preparation and danger, you get one thing wrong you’ll either have to start again or in worse case scenarios severe burns. The heat required for a piece of metal to melt is fairly high so welders need to create enough intensified heat and only in a small specific area, thankfully through the wonders of scientific advancement we’ve discovered that if you funnel flammable liquids from a pressurized container at high velocities you could create a fairly intensified flame that can cut through metal. Continue reading “All You Need to Know about Arc Welding”

How to Prepare for a Trip Through the Outback

Australia is known for its vast outback which has such a varying landscape that you could be in a lush rain forest one day and on large sand dunes the next. But how exactly do most people get there, how do people prepare for such a long and arduous task? Well there are many different things to consider, the vehicle for one you should have a 4WD for the trip. It’s a bad idea to go through the outback in an ordinary car since the dirt roads are simply too difficult for a 2WD vehicle. And even with a 4WD drive you’ll need a few modifications to ensure that your vehicle will be ready for every situation that you may come upon on your journey.

Continue reading “How to Prepare for a Trip Through the Outback”

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