Water is maybe one of the most essential things in life. You see, everything around us depends on water, we (human beings), plants, and animals, which means that water is a necessity for everything and everyone in this world. Since the human body is made out of 60% water, we need a good amount of water throughout the day to keep ourselves hydrated, and this is especially important when camping or hiking. This is the time when one can lose a great amount of body water so you will need to “refill” yourself.

However, the chances of having a 100% clean water into the woods are low, so this leads to the need for a water purification camping experts state. And when it comes to choosing a water purification camping system you can choose between squeeze water filter, an all in all filter that is perfect for emergency situations, or water purification tablets. In fact, if the water you want to drink is not treated or purified, it can be very risky and can make you really sick.


According to lots of studies, almost 90 percent of the world’s water supply is not safe for drinking without some sort of treatment or purification. Generally speaking, water may contain microorganisms that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and even death. When the water is purified, it kills all those microorganisms in order to be safe for drinking. Well, that is the main reason why water purification is needed, especially when going outdoors and a clean water is not available to you.

Additionally, untreated water can also contain minerals like magnesium and copper that can react with some other minerals in the water and cause deposits. That way, the water is not safe at all and if consumed, it can be extremely dangerous for your health. Once again, we come to a conclusion, that a water purification is a must.


The water purification process can remove all types of harmful chemicals that are contained even in tap water due to old pipes. So why risk your health when you have an easy and affordable way to purify your water, even when on the go?! Water purification is a great way to keep yours and your family’s health safe.
Drinking safe water is especially important for children and pregnant women, as this is the time when children and babies develop their immune system. Just like drinking clean water at home is important, make sure you do it when outdoors.