If you have trees on your property, pruning and shaping them is necessary for several reasons. First, it is essential to maintain the health of the plant. Second, it helps improve the quality of the foliage, flowers, fruits or stems. Third, it can prevent trees from growing too large or becoming unsightly.

Like any other skill, pruning and shaping trees requires knowing what you are doing to get it done properly. The old idea that anyone with a pruning saw or a chainsaw can be a landscape pruner is far from the truth. Each year, more and more trees are killed or ruined due to improper pruning. That is why you should let this job into the hands of professionals.


Proper Pruning

Each tree has its own requirements regarding which cuts need to be made and where. A skilled shaping trees pruning professional knows which limbs are diseased or weak, and how they should be trimmed. Furthermore, a professional knows how to make training cuts to promote the tree’s natural shape or fill in an open area, and eliminate weak spots so the entire tree grows healthy and strong.

Ensured Safety

Many think that as long as they have a good say, they can prune a tree. However, this way of thinking can result in serious injuries and even fatalities from falling trees or branches, falls, contact with power lines and injuries from cutting equipment. Plus, sometimes, a tree can only show minimal signs of damage and only a highly trained eye can see if there are hazardous and serious risks. An experienced professional has the knowledge to recognize a hazardous tree and decide the best method to remove it.

Right Equipment and Training

Shaping trees pruning professionals have machines that allow them to reach large and difficult to access trees and branches as well as the required training and experience to handle these machines without injuring themselves or others around.



Insurance and Liability

What about if when you are pruning your trees, a heavy branch crash down on your neighbor’s roof. Are you protect for that? A reputable shaping trees pruning service will carry liability insurance to protect your property and the ones around from damage, as well as workers compensation insurance to protect the workers in the field.

So, if you are interested in shaping or pruning the trees on your property, reach out the professionals. With years of experience in tree removal and trimming, these professionals will help you shape your plants exactly how you want them. Call a professional today to schedule a consultation!