Want to refresh the look of your garden, but are unsure what kind of changes will have the most beautiful effect? Well, before you start making any changes you need to make sure all the plants in your garden are healthy. Check their roots and leaves and look for any changes in colour or texture that might indicate damage from pests, bacteria or other culprits that might be lurking in the soil. Regular cutting and pruning are some of the best methods to minimise the effects of pest attacks. Using top quality garden soil is very important as well. All plants need soil that is rich in essential nutrients and promotes healthy root growth and development.

In addition to checking the conditions of your current plants, creating a clean and neat outdoor space is another important thing you should do prior to making any changes in your garden’s layout and design. You can easily achieve this by removing any large tree branches, leaves and bulky shrubs that not only make the space look overcrowded but can also prevent warm sun rays from getting to your plants. And a healthy does of sunshine is a must for healthy plant growth. With a clean and neatly organised outdoor space you are ready to introduce new plants into your landscape design.

With their gorgeous colour and shape, Cordyline plants can be ideal for enhancing the beauty of your garden. They have a unique appearance and in some aspects look similar to palms. Their spiky leaves can add more dimension to the space, while their rich red and pink foliage can create a nice contract against the greenery of your garden. While their gorgeous foliage is the feature that makes them so distinctive, Cordyline plants can produce cute little flowers that further enhance their appearance. They flower in mid summer where you will notice a collection of white flowers appearing against the spiky leaves. This is followed by the formation of small berries in red and purple colours.

Cordyline plants can be used in many different ways to add interest and colour to your garden. They can be a prominent feature in a bedding scheme, commonly used to bring more variety to the overall landscape design. They can also thrive in containers, with proper maintenance that is. In this case, it’s essential to use a great potting mix that does a great job at holding water and can provide the roots with the required amount of moisture.