There are many online guides that promise through one way or another to improve the capabilities of your RC car, by adding some kind of household item to a component of your car. More often than not these guides focus on the car’s receiver and antenna, trying to boost its range by a significant margin with the simple addition of some aluminum foil, and that simply sounds absurd. While aluminum foil can be used as a makeshift antenna it simply does not boost the effectiveness of an existing antenna.

To boost your RC’s range you need to make a change that doesn’t involve aimlessly trusting the various blog posts and articles that show something that simply isn’t the case with RC controls. To actually boost your range there are a few things you could do. For instance driving your RC in an open area with no large objects to restrict the connection between the transmitter and receiver, this is one simple way of giving your car’s antenna more room to work with.

Most consumer items that have a radio wave transmitter have a specific frequency allocated to them (walkie-talkies garage door openers and RC cars) there are also advanced models that have a transmitter and receiver kit which works at a higher frequency to boost its signal. If you don’t want to get a completely new RC car, you could always upgrade the one you have. Instead of opting for a new car your best option is to upgrade your existing car with a better transmitter and receiver kit that has a higher frequency.

With an upgraded RC transmitter and receiver kit your car gets a real boost to its range and signal strength, which isn’t what you would get with layering the antenna with foil. You could also replace the stock antenna with a longer aftermarket one which will also add to the range of the RC. Aftermarket antennas transmitters and receivers also have a longer life span than the stock parts (depending on the quality) especially from the older established brands. However before you decide to install aftermarket parts, make sure that they match the RC car you’re using, and ensure that the crystals of the transmitter match the crystals of the receiver.

To upgrade your RC you’ll need some common tools like a screwdriver (usually Phillips head) possibly some duct tape and the parts that you want to install, once you have everything in place the manual that the RC car usually comes with will provide instructions on how to disassemble it. Once disassembled it simply comes down to replacing all of the parts, then you just need to test it to make sure it all functions as intended.