So you have finally come to the solids phase?! Hooray! Introducing babies to solids is a whole new adventure of your love and you have to be well-prepared for it. No, my intention is not to scare you, but dealing with a baby who doesn’t open his mouth when the “airplane” comes is terrifying and exciting at the same way (exciting for when you achieve to put at least two spoons of solid food in his mouth). But let’s not jump to conclusions! You might be lucky and have a little angel who will eat everything you prepare for him, but the most important thing here is, when starting to introduce him/her to solids is to choose only organic food and to stock yourself with the needed feeding supplies. For new parents, here is a list of the must-haves for babies starting on solid foods; this will surely help you stay more organized.

Highchairs and Booster Seats

Feeding Chair

Instead of using a regular chair and holding your baby in one hand while trying to feed him with the other one, a feeding chair can come in handy, especially when things get messy. A feeding chair is needed when your baby begins to sit up on his/her own which is pretty much the time when you start introducing solids, around the 6th month. In case you don’t want to buy the standard baby looking ones, you can opt for a contemporary looking feeding chair made out of quality leather, steel and wood. A chair like this can be easily placed anywhere around the house and will act like a real chair mainly because of its sleek and simple design and neutral colours. The contemporary feeding chairs are just like the other ones, durable, foldable, with several seating positions in order to make the feeding time more comfortable. You can also choose a contemporary looking booster-seat and place it on an existing chair.

Plates, Bowls and Utensils

Baby Plates

Baby-friendly plates, bowls, and utensils are a must when you first start your baby on solids, and when it comes to buying ones make sure you choose small plastic containers with lids and plastic utensils. Buy plenty of them and make sure they are durable and suitable for the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.


Baby Cup

Instead of a regular cup with a lid, it is recommended to offer your little one an open cup as these cups promote healthy independent eating. That way, your baby will learn to drink water on his/her own and ask for more when there is none left.