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March 2018

Types and Uses of Welding Protective Clothing

As the most practical and efficient method of joining multiple metal pieces and creating a single product, welding has many different industrial applications. It’s most commonly used in the manufacturing and construction industry where there is a need for strong metal pieces that are either used to create all kinds of products or they serve as an integral part of a building. Welding is most commonly included in the production process of different kinds of vehicles and oil drilling rigs. As for construction, the work and experience of professional welders are essential in rebuilding such constructions as bridges, commercial spaces, and extended subways. With that being said, there is no denying that welding is a highly versatile and productive industrial process, however, it does come with certain risks. Continue reading “Types and Uses of Welding Protective Clothing”

Foolproof Way to Boost the Transmitter Range of Your RC

There are many online guides that promise through one way or another to improve the capabilities of your RC car, by adding some kind of household item to a component of your car. More often than not these guides focus on the car’s receiver and antenna, trying to boost its range by a significant margin with the simple addition of some aluminum foil, and that simply sounds absurd. While aluminum foil can be used as a makeshift antenna it simply does not boost the effectiveness of an existing antenna. Continue reading “Foolproof Way to Boost the Transmitter Range of Your RC”

Must-haves for Babies when Starting Solids

So you have finally come to the solids phase?! Hooray! Introducing babies to solids is a whole new adventure of your love and you have to be well-prepared for it. No, my intention is not to scare you, but dealing with a baby who doesn’t open his mouth when the “airplane” comes is terrifying and exciting at the same way (exciting for when you achieve to put at least two spoons of solid food in his mouth). But let’s not jump to conclusions! You might be lucky and have a little angel who will eat everything you prepare for him, but the most important thing here is, when starting to introduce him/her to solids is to choose only organic food and to stock yourself with the needed feeding supplies. For new parents, here is a list of the must-haves for babies starting on solid foods; this will surely help you stay more organized. Continue reading “Must-haves for Babies when Starting Solids”

Tactical Backpacks: Everything You Could Need for the Great Outdoors

When you are out and about in nature, there is no better item to bring along with you than a backpack. One of the most obvious reasons a standard backpack is so useful is that it’s an item that gives you the ability to carry more items, but the tactical backpack, on the other hand, is capable of a whole assortment of other additional perks and benefits. Continue reading “Tactical Backpacks: Everything You Could Need for the Great Outdoors”

Vegetable Container Gardening 101

As more and more people become aware of the fact that most vegetables sold in supermarkets are loaded with pesticides that can have various negative effects on the health, the trend of growing veggies at home is on the rise. After all, home-grown, organic vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy and strong immune system. On the other hand, veggies that have been treated with pesticides have a considerably lower nutritional count and provide few of the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition to always having fresh produce at your disposal, creating a thriving vegetable garden comes with many other benefits. The lovely colours of the veggies will improve the curb appeal of your home and might inspire you to get more creative in the kitchen and prepare unique and delicious meals for your family. Continue reading “Vegetable Container Gardening 101”

What Benefits Can a Hiker Gain from Gaiters?

Unwinding somewhere outside the city is something we all want to do. According to many studies, more and more people would rather spend their free time hiking and exploring new places instead of spending their precious time in some conventional hotel or apartment. Along with the usual backpack, sleeping bag, and tent, the thing you shouldn’t miss to put in your bag is gaiters. Continue reading “What Benefits Can a Hiker Gain from Gaiters?”

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