I love my hobby – DIY-tinkerer. All my stuff is done in the garage. There I fixed my bike, created a couple of chairs, build a bird house and much more. However, the only thing my wife hate is when I throw my tools all around. So I had to find a solutions tools storage that would satisfy my needs and store my tools for later use. I did my research, and found one of the best tools storage on the Australian market. Introducing the interlockable Kincrome Multi-cabinet 16 drawer/64drawer and trays.

Now my road of finding the perfect tools storage was very long. I tried a couple of storage units until I found this one! The inter lockable Kincrome Multi-cabinet drawer is made from 64 removable trays that are sorted in three size: small, medium and large. Each one of them is built from heavy gauge sheet steel with tough UV stabilised hammertone exterior and also on the exterior part there is enamelled powder coated finish to give that sleek look.


It is ideal for storing my small tools, drills bits and those bits and pieces you cannot find when you need them the most. From my personal experience now I have organized all my tools and can find them instantly! Inside I store my nuts, blots, washer, O-rings, screws, nails, rivets, spare parts, fuses, grease nipples, and much more! The 16 drawers are easy to handle, built to last and really easy to open and close. It has 64 removable assorted trays and it is made from steel.

If you work at open areas it has UV stabilised hammertone exterior which makes it one of the most durable tools storage on the Australian market. One of the most appealing benefit of this storage is that it can be stacked and interlocked for more storage. When you buy it there is also fastener kit included so you can do the interlocking faster! The inter lockable mechanism works side-by-side and it is also wall mountable.

This tools storage unit weighs 10.2kg and has measurements 455x210x297mm. The dimensions of the drawers are 195x100x48mm which makes them a perfect storing solutions. Investing in this tools storage, is the best thing you can do it for your hobby or work. I found a great place in my garage and it has been cleaner than ever! I am satisfied, my wife is satisfied and now it is your turn by buying this tools storage unit!