When it comes to making a long distance move with a pet, it can be a tiring and stressful experience. You can do a lot to make the trip easier, but if you omit just one required document or fail to meet a single requirement, this could result in a lot of inconvenience and stress, and worse, a long, isolated quarantine for your loved animal.

To ensure you and your pet have a nice and relaxed international trip there are international pet shipping services that you can count on. Companies that offer this kind of services have the knowledge to provide tailored travel itineraries for pets’ traveling across the world and are experts when it comes to international pet travel.

International pet shipping services

Different countries have different set of regulations regarding pets import and export. There are also various airline and quarantine protocols which need to be carefully followed before departure and upon arrival at any international airport. International pet shipping services will use their expertise in the field to provide you with a travel plan that suits both yours and your pet needs so you can arrive at your destination safely and happy.

Here is a brief guide on how to get your pet ready to fly internationally.

Required Paperwork and Vaccinations

Make sure your veterinary check your pet before the trip. If your pet has a chronic condition that requires medication and the flight might make regular dosing impossible, talk with your vet to find out what can be made to ensure your pet gets its medicine.

When crossing any international border, your pet will need to have a current health certificate. It is a must to prevent your pet being turned away at your point of departure, or even worse, at your destination. Many vets in Australia are accredited to provide this certificate.


Many countries have quarantine laws and periods can range from 10 to 30 days if all paperwork and vet checks are in place. It is important to mention that quarantine rules and forms change from time to time, so double check to ensure you’ve got the latest information.

Dos and Don’ts of Air Travel

Every airline has their own rules for flying with a pet. Although some of them allow you to sedate your pet prior travel it is not recommended as it will make your pet more confused and fearful, not less.

If possible choose a direct flight and do consider in-cabin travel. While cargo hold for pets is a special area pressurized and temperature-control like the cabin, at high altitudes pets can have difficulty in breathing.

Choosing a Cozy, Airline-Approved Crate

Look for a model that is safe and secure and make your pet as comfortable as possible. Know that every airline adheres to pet carrier requirements and this means your pet won’t be able to travel unless it is in an approved kennel.