Always wanted a pet, but that pet cannot be found in Australia? Are you just moving to Australia and want to bring your best furry friend with you? Well, there are some procedures that you should go through!

Animal Import

Cats, dogs and other animals can be imported to Australia under strict regulation. They are designed to manage the biosecurity risks. To commence with the animal import, you will need to know in which category the animal you want to import is belonging. There are three groups and there are certain procedures. However, if your pet belongs from a country that is not part from the three groups, animal import is not possible. There are many companies that offer animal import, but choosing the right one can spend you a lot of money and time in vein. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

The best way of finding animal import agency is through the internet. Having functional yet informative website will be the judge whether this animal import company is good or not. They should explained how the process goes and how will they give everything that the strict conditions apply while transporting your animal.

On their website it should be stated that the pets should undergo up to 10 days in post entry quarantine. In this time period, they should provide all the care the animal needs at the same time while managing all the documents and going through all the procedures.

Depending on where your pet has been book they will need to specific airport. For instance, getting booked into the Spotswood Facility, the pet can only enter through the Melbourne International Airport. On the other hand if you book the Eastern Creek Facility, the pet must enter through the Sydney International airport. All these procedures are completed by the animal import company.

Also note that pet transportation services can be expensive, but if you find a company that offers good service at the right price – then go for it. To do that, you will need to compare prices, so when you are searching for one, don’t stop there find at least two or more until you have enough to compare their price and service that they are providing.

All these information and the information of the pet procedure should be on the website of the company. Moreover, if you have questions regarding the process, you can contact them through their phone and email address. It should be noted that the response time should be quick and extensive.