The thrill of hunting and catching fish underwater while enjoying the dazzling beauty of the ocean is the main thing that makes spearfishing a popular style of fishing among Australians. Unlike most fishing styles, spearfishing is not an activity during which one can relax while waiting for fish to bite on the lure. This is an adventurous from of fishing that that requires you to be actively involved in the whole the whole process of hunting fish. With traditional rod and reel fishing you simply can’t control what fish specie will bite on your lures. Since spearfishing, on the other hand, is done underwater and includes exploring the vivid marine life, therefore it allows you to be more selective with your catch. Spearfishing enthusiast and professionals can spend a lot of time looking for their target fish but the sense of adventure and accomplished when they finally catch it are worth all that that effort.

Learning how to spearfish can be a challenge since to do it you not only have to be a skilled fisherman, but you need diving experience as well. With dedication and a bit of practice you can have a successful start at spearfishing. If you’re already an experienced scuba diver then you can immediately start developing your spearfishing skills. But, before you do that make sure you get a spearfishing license, which is a valid, legal document that allows you to catch fish underwater. If you don’t have any diving experience then you need to take some diving lessons where you will learn how to safely swim underwater. After you’ve learned the basics of diving it’s time to equip yourself with some essential spearfishing equipment.


A quality speargun is the most important piece of spearfishing equipment you need to learn the basics of this thrilling style of fishing. Depending on their design spareguns can be divided into two main categories: band powered and pneumatic. Easy to use and designed to provide quick and accurate shooting, band powered models can be the ideal choice for beginners. Pneumatic spearguns are more powerful than band powered models and provide enhanced shooting accuracy. However, they require more maintenance, can be difficult to hold and maneuver and are most commonly used by more experienced fishermen.



Before you go spearfishing prepare yourself with some basic diving gear and a protective wetsuit should be at the top of your list of essentials. As mentioned before searching for your target fish requires spending a considerable amount of time underwater, diving and exploring the underwater world. Therefore, to have a safe and enjoyable spearfishing experience you need a quality wetsuit that will keep you warm underwater and protect you from spiny fish, jellyfish and abrasive reefs.

Mask and fins

You can’t go spearfishing without a quality pair of fins and a mask, designed to make exploring the magical marine wold a safe and enjoyable task. Look for fins that provide a snug and are comfortable to wear. Fins that are too tight will cause blister and make spearfishing an unpleasant and painful experience. So getting the correct size for you is essential. The mask you choose should also fit properly and provide a clear view of the underwater environment.