If you are planning an international trip with your pet you might be wondering if quarantine will be necessary or how it can avoid, or at least handled safely.

Well, one of the best and safest ways to travel with your travel is hiring a pet transport service, which will arrange pet travel quarantine and customs clearance at any port or destination around the world. Reliable pet transport companies are experts in transporting and relocating animals and they can arrange everything necessary to ensure a hassle free international travel for you and your pet. Services that they offer include, import permits, pet travel quarantine if required, quarantine and customs clearances, pet hotel accommodation and arrange delivery to your pets travel destination.

Pet Travel Quarantine

But if you decide to organize your pet travel yourself, here are some tips and advice for carrying out quarantine as little stress as possible.

Not all countries require pet quarantine upon arrival

Some strict rabies-free countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore require a few days’ quarantine, but in most places in South America, North America, Europe and Asia there is no quarantine. So, check your destination country relevant Ministry of Agriculture to discover if there is quarantine.

Quarantine facilities are not like jail

Quarantine facilities are government run facilities staffed by skilled professionals, and although they are not a five-star pet hotel, they are simple, safe and sufficient.

Your pet will do just fine during and after fulfilling their quarantines

Some people like to say that their pets have changed after spending time in quarantine. But this is not true. Most pets owners have reported that it was tough to be apart from their pets, but they furry friend stayed healthy and life was able to go back to normal very fast once they were released.

Quarantine cannot be avoided by paying extra fees or getting ‘special’ paperwork

No matter how famous or rich you are, your chances of being able to be excused from a country’s official pet import rules are very low. But if you plan everything correctly, your animal will only need to face the minimum quarantine (often 7-10 days).

Your pet will be able to get their own food or medicine while in quarantine

Although each station has its own rules, safety and health are always priorities at these places. For example, some quarantines allow visitors each day so pet owners can administer any necessary medication during visits. If the quarantine doesn’t allow visitors, the staff will administer the medication provided by you, which should be supplied with detailed instructions. For a special dietary request, make it while applying for your import permit. For your peace of mind, when making the reservation, check out the rules of the facility so you can adequately prepare.