Say the name Toyota and you immediately think of a car that is reliable, affordable and well-engineered. One of the most sold types of Toyota is the Hilux. This off-road mean machine has been the most popular vehicle among Australians. The Toyota Hilux can withstand the Australian weather, roads and dangerous along the way. But nothing is perfect in this world. Toyota with their years of expeience did create something wonderful, yet not perfect. The most common problem is storage. Here are a couple of stuff you can add to make your Toyota Hilux storage even better!

Hilux Drawers

Good thing that Toyota allowed third-party manufacturers to create upgrades, because they are more affordable, easier to install and look very slick. For those long travels, the Toyota Hilux will not disappoint. However, with long travels there is more baggage and the need of more storage space is evident. For that reason, the Hilux drawer will create order in the chaos from you storage options.

Drawer unit with One Side Roller Floor

The drawer unit will instantly match in your back storage. Companies that manufacture these drawers crash-test them so they can be complied with the ADR42/03 from the general safety requirements regulations. The customization offered by this drawer will create so much functionality for you that you won’t believe it. For instance, some manufacturers offer an extra compartment that will create a table that can be used when you plan to camp somewhere.

Drawer Side Floor Kit

One thing that engineered impressed a lot is when they designed a drawer side floor kit. This can be used inside the passengers space, where near they fit they can install the drawer side floor kit, to offer extra storage space. Here you can store, your electronic equipment, water, food and anything that can fit inside. It has been crash tested and will allow you to have a storage space that the Toyota over-looked to install in the first place. Also, it is in accordance with the ADR42/03 from the Australian general safety requirements.

On the market you can find a lot of third-party manufacturers of Toyota storage upgrades. However, when you search on the internet, take your time, browse a bit, compare prices, see if there are some bundle deals that can be use for you. Adding a Hilux drawers is the best decision you can make if you want to be well-prepared for your journeys.