Tim Leatherman comes from Oregon, USA and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering received from his home state University of Oregon. While travelling in Europe back in 1974, while located in a bad hotel he found many leaks in the plumbing and problems with his vehicle while travelling. From here Tim got the idea of creating a multi-purpose tool. He started on his prototype, and over the next three years, he has created one of the best multi-tools on the market. Partnering with his college friend in 1983, they started working and created the brand that is known as Leatherman today.

Leatherman has always been a leader in innovation and has been creating tools that are functional, durable and affordable. For that reason, in this article, we will go through the two main products that the Leatherman company is known for.


Have you seen 12 tools in one? Well, Leatherman has created it with the Juice C2. This is a really handy tool that together with the textured anodised aluminium handles that come both in Granite and Sunrise. Because is a flagship of Leatherman, the C2 comes with pliers, wire cutters, and astonishing four screwdrivers. Compared to the competition, the C2 is way more durable, comes with more functions and has an affordable price. Plus, it comes with a corkscrew that even those who travel can enjoy the best things in life.

Leatherman Bit Kit

One of the best kits on the market, the Leatherman bit kit is made from three loose double-ended bits: Long Phips and 1/4ads screwdriver long tax and the hex 7/64 short Philips. These bits will fit any models from the Leatherman tools or knives with a standard bit driver. The Leatherman Bit Kit is a must for those who use Leatherman tools. Even though Leatherman builds their products with great durability and care, it can be said that with constant uses even the most durable one can wear off, and it will need replacement. Thanks to this you can be sure that in any situations you will have your Leatherman tool functional.

On the market, you can find dozens of multi-tool manufacturer, but Leatherman is the uncrowned king. They offer something that is very rare, the quality of the 20th century. The thing is today people order too much stuff online, and thanks to China all the quality is dropping. Even though the quality is better than quantity, people always look for a cheaper solution. But, without a doubt, Leatherman has created tools that are affordable, durable and functional. Investing in this type of tools is a long-term investment that it will surely pay off.