The world without an electronic motor is simple, not imaginable. Whether they are installed with their small version (such as tiny motors found in some type of watches) up to a million-plus horsepower that is found in ships and planes and dozens of others applications. An electric motor is a device that creates electrical energy to a kinetic energy. It can work both on alternating current or direct current, where some models can work on both electricity. In this article, we will go through the most popular types of AC electric motors that are used by the majority today.

Three-phase AC Induction Motors

These types of AC electric motors is a most used type and it has many commercial and industrial uses. However, this motor has different variants and it is divided into 2 categories: Squirrel Cage Motor and Wound Rotor Motor. This induction motor uses the electromagnetic induction to create rotation in the rotating device which is called the shaft. If the frequency of the motor is lower then the rotor will turn slowly while the induced current which creates magnetic field and protects the rotor from the motor.

Single Phase Induction Motors

Another popular type is a single phase induction motors. The appliance of this motor is usually in areas where there is not 3-phase power such as residential, agricultural or commercial applications. Additionally, it is used for tasks that need power less than 1 horsepower. The single phase induction motor has a couple of sub-categories: Shaded pole, Capacitor run and start, Split phase and Universal motors.

A feature that is shared between all AC electric motors is the rotating field, which is created by the stator windings and can apply for three motors where each coil has its own connections with one phase of three phase electricity. While the current passes through every coil, every coil has its own sinusoidally as time passes, meaning that the current from each coil runs one-third faster than the neighbour coil. The rotor will create the torque and the magnetic field can go either clockwise or counter-clockwise. In essence, this hugely depends on the order of phases connections to the motor.

To be sure and have always a good performance, there should be a regular maintenance done every couple of months. The efficiency of the motors are crucial, so never forget to keep it in top working conditions. There are a lot of retailers on the market in Australia, that offer you a good AC electrical motors. Is up to you to contact them and see what specifications they offer whether it is going to match your needs or not.