Rotary encoders are also known as shaft encoders. They are an electro-mechanical device that is used to convert the angular motion or position of the axle or shaft to a digital or analogue code. There are two types that are mainly used in industries in order to get the most benefits out of such an encoder. They are the absolute and the relative encoders. The absolute ones are angle transducers, meaning that their output shows the current position of the shaft. The relative ones provide information about the motion of the shaft. The information gathered is processed after that as position, distance and speed. So, let’s talk a bit about these encoders and see how you can benefit from such a device.

Rotary Encoders

First off, rotary encoders can be found on all types of applications. But, they are most commonly found on applications that require unlimited and precise shaft rotation. They are used in industries ranging from robotics, input devices for computers, radar platforms that rotate, controlled stress rheometer all the way to special purpose photographic lenses. There are a few technologies that different types of a rotary encoder use in order to achieve their goal. The conductive technology uses copper tracks that are etched onto a PCB as a way to encode the info. The conductive areas are sensed by contact brushes. The optical technology uses a shining light that goes through a glass or a metal disc and shines onto a photodiode. They are one of the most used types and they are quite sensitive to dust. On-axis magnetic technology uses a special magnet in order to encode the information, the magnet is a two pole neodymium. Off-axis magnetic technology uses rubber which is bonded to ferrite magnets that are attached to a metal hub.

A lot of applications require a high precision, especially when it comes to rotating machinery. By getting rotary encoders for all of the machines that require one, you will make your life a lot easier. Plus, you will increase the efficiency of your company when it comes to making the product. As with such high precision, there will be fewer cases when you have to throw out a faulty product. This is what everyone who is working at such a company wants. The product will be of a higher quality and the profits may reach an all-time high. So, ensure a good year for your business by getting a rotary encoder.