Kneeboarding is a watersport that is in many aspects similar to waterskiing, but requires less physical strength and skill making it ideal for anyone who is just getting started out on the water. It is a very unique typo of surfing that involves riding the waves in a kneeling position. This is usually done on a small yet wide board. While surfing on your knees might seem a lot more difficult than surfing in a standing position, this is not the case at all. In fact kneeboarding is actually a lot easier and safer than many other watersports. Many surfers prefer this type of surfing especially when they are just starting to learn how to ride the waves, simply because it offers a lot more control and stability. But kneeboarding is not only great for those who are new to watersports, those with more experience on the water will also enjoy it as well. Riding closer to the water surface provides a more intense sensation of speed which is exactly what many surfing enthusiast want to achieve when conquering the waves.


Just like any watersport, kneeboarding can only be enjoyed to the fullest with the right equipment. The most important pieces of equipment you would need are a quality kneeboard and a strong rope. Most models of kneeboards usually have sharper edges than standard boards used for other watersports. As a beginner you would want something that is easy to use and helps you keep your balance while surfing. Many newbie surfers opt for the Jobe Chili Pepper kneeboard which is specifically designed for beginner to intermediate level of kneeboarding. It has a thin and wide profile that allows you to cut deeper into the water, while the swallow-tail design makes it a lot easier to make turns and spins whilst surfing. What make the Jobe Chili Pepper Kneeboard the ideal companion on the water is its ergonomic seat pad which is designed to provide a lot of comfort and make your adventure on the water all the more enjoyable. This practical kneeboard is made from polyurethane and features a concave button for easier turns, a retention legs belt and a single locking strap.

When it comes to choosing the right rope you would need one that is long enough to keep you at a safe distance from the motorboat. A quality slalom rope is a great choice since it allows you to change the length depending on your needs and the specific water conditions. You can also choose a braided rope made specifically for kneeboarding that provides a great grip and is very flexible. This type of rope is commonly used when surfing a wrap position.