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January 2017

All Different Styles of Window Treatments

As one of the most distinctive architectural feature of any home windows can have a major influence on the overall exterior and interior design. So, how you dress them is an important consideration from both a practical and aesthetic point of view. The right window treatment can give the interiors a more cohesive look and make them look and feel more homey and inviting. You would want something that looks elegant and stylish, complements your interior design and allows you to easily control elements such as light, heat and privacy.

For such areas as the living room and dining room natural light is a priority. Having in mind that these are usually the main gathering areas in the house they should be airy, bright so the windows here would need coverings that let in lots of sunshine during the day. For the bedroom, on the other hand, the window treatments should block out light as much as possible and provide privacy at the same time. When dressing bathroom windows, the key is to get as much light as possible without compromising on privacy. As for the kitchen here you would need blinds that are easy to clean, open and close in a snap and of course let in as much natural light as possible. Continue reading “All Different Styles of Window Treatments”

The Different Bible Versions in Korean

With its priceless spiritual value and rich source of divine revelation and virtue the Holy Bible feeds your soul and guides you on your path to creating a special connection with God. It is a written record of the word of God that contains the long history of Christianity and represents the foundation of Christian faith. This sacred book has the power to inspire and teach believers how to understand God’s word on a much deeper level and apply its will and wisdom to their lives in today’s modern world that is to some extent spoiled by technology and fake values. It gives you a unique insight into the development and expansion of Christianity and tells wonderful stories about the holy mission and sacrifice of Jesus and his disciples.

Continue reading “The Different Bible Versions in Korean”

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