With technology ruling the modern world we live in today, most people are spending more time on their laptops, cell phone, tablets and other fancy gadgets than hanging out with their friends. It’s a common thing these days to see friends sitting in a cafe and writing something on their phones instead of talking to each other and enjoying their coffee. It seems as if technology has kind of ruined the good old charm of friendship which was all about spending fun times together, sharing experiences and making wonderful memories. These days unfortunately it’s more about texting regularly, taking the perfect selfie together and liking pictures on Facebook and Instagram. It’s so important to get out of the virtual world and start making real memories that you would cherish later in life.


Take some time off social media once in a while, spend quality time with your friends and distance yourself from the hustle of the urban environment. What better way to do this than going camping with your friends this spring? Leave all you gadgets at home, immerse yourself into the calming surroundings of nature and breathe in the fresh air. You and your friends could explore the natural world, sit around a dazzling campfire and eat delicious marshmallows, sleep under the night’s sky full of bright stars, and so much more. Camping is indeed a wonderful way to experience the natural world, cherish the beauty of nature and enjoy in a fun adventure with your friends.

To make the most of your camping trip and fully enjoy your stay in nature it’s important to prepare yourself with some essential camping equipment. First you and your friends should invest in top quality tent that would be big enough to comfortably accommodate all of you. Make sure the one you choose is waterproof and made from durable materials so it can provide the best protection against the elements. Once you’ve chosen the tent it’s time to invest in some necessary items that would help properly set up the tent on the campsite. You would need a handy mallet and some LED tent pegs.


While most tents come with tent pegs these are usually of very low quality and won’t do a great job of keeping the tent structure securely onto the ground. Therefore, it’s best to get LED tent pegs that have a rugged design, won’t bent or break and are very secure. With their practical LED light they will serve a dual purpose- illuminate your campsite at night and hold your tent safely in its position so it won’t move around or fly away if the weather gets windy. To be able to drive in the tent pegs properly into the ground when putting up your tent make sure you get a metal mallet preferably with soft grip handles for more comfort and better control. Some other essentials you should pack for your camping trip include a first aid kit, proper clothing, sleeping bags and some cooking utensils. Once you’ve equipped yourself with the essentials, it’s time to pick the perfect location, gather all your friends and your adventurous journey into the wild can begin.