Spyderco is a company that has been in the knife making business for a long time. Since their start in 1976, they have achieved major success. They go toe-to-toe with other brands such us SOG, Benchmade and Kershaw. The brand of knife you choose depends on personal choice. Now, let’s review one of the most popular products from Spyderco, their Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight. The knife has been around for a long time. For more than 20 years to be exact. This says a lot about the quality of the knife. Something that has been so popular for so long must have a reason to be in such a way.

Let’s talk about the specs of this great and versatile knife. The overall length of the knife is 181mm, the blade is 73mm, while the cutting edge is 65mm. The blade is 2.5mm thick and it is made out of highly durable VG-10 stainless steel. The closed length of the blade is 108mm. It weighs around 64 grammes in total. As you can see this is a very lightweight knife, it’s great for your every day carry. You can carry it around without even realising that it’s there. The knife appeals to both those who are used to carrying knives and operating them and to newbies who are looking for their first EDC knife.

You can use the knife for anything that may come up in your day to day life. You can take it on camping trips, adventures and even to the bathroom, it’s so light you won’t even know that it’s there. The VG-10 stainless steel is resistant to rust and when it comes to sharpening, you will be able to do it very easily. If you buy a Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight, be careful when testing it out the first time. As the blade can be very sharp and you may cut yourself.

The handle of the knife is made out of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and it contains skeletonized liners which are also made out of stainless steel. The handle of the Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight offers a perfect grip and it’s quite comfortable. The handle is thin, at 10.16mm, but the grip is still great on it. To say the least, this knife has always been my favourite for years. Everything on it works the way it should work. There are no delays or faults, which makes it the perfect knife.