The features which distinguish Heidenhain as a leading developer of high-tech solutions in Germany and meet only the highest of standards when it comes to the market are the efficiency, innovation and of course, the superior quality. It’s a company that through a successful and long history throughout the years has built on the renowned reputation it has. The founder was Wilhelm Heidenhain, he began the successful journey in the year of 1889. Originally it was a factory for metal etching, but it was destroyed during the Second World War. Then it was restarted again by the son of the original founder. When first appearing, the product range included only price scales and graduations, however, the range kept on constantly expanding. In the 1960 angle and linear decodes were developed, which brought on the atomization of many machines and systems. This was a turning point for the company and since the mid-1970s, it has become the most important manufacturers of drive technology for many different machine tools. These days, the standards for superior service and quality in the industry of manufacturing are set by none other than Heidenhain distributors. Continue reading “The Basic Info You Need on Heidenhain Distributors”