Fishing Challenge

If you love fishing like I do, you are probably searching to find the best fishing challenge TV show. A lot of them teach you how to do fishing right and know the best tricks and tips of the game. On the other hand, there are shows who show you how to catch the rarest and toughest fish. For this reason, I have compiled the top list of a fishing challenge TV show.

The Ultimate Fishing Show with Matt Watson

This show is really fun and amazing to watch offering extreme sports fishing brought to TV in New Zealand. The main star of this show is stunt fisherman Matt Watson. He received the name Gannet man after his brave and a little insane act of catching the fish Marlin with his bare hands by jumping from a aircraft – which is not safe at all.

However, it has to be said that Matt at the beginning started on a low budget funded by himself, with the goal of bringing the awesomeness of fishing to the common people who often misunderstood it and didn’t quite understand the beauty of it.

Extreme Fishing hosted by Robson Green

This is one of the shows where the host Robson Green is travelling around the globe to search the best fishing locations. He is pretty sure that he sees everything and reach every destination to catch the best and biggest fish as he can. His newest spin-off series is known as Rob’s Extreme Fishing Challenge.

The World Fishing Network

This is not just a show but a program and it is also known as WF and it shows broadcasts of the freshest news about fishing and sportfishing. In this show you will learn stuff that every fisherman should know, hence making it great for those newbie fishing enthusiasts.

Hagane Fishing Challenge

Last but not least is the Hagane Fishing Challenge. It is fishing completion sponsored by Shimano, where the show interacts with you. You need to do 52 unique fishing challenges and send them to their website. This is by far the most interesting and fun to watch a fishing challenge TV show. So if you want completion, then, by all means, this is the show for you!


In the end, these are my top picks for fishing challenge tv shows. Give them a go, you will be not disappointed. There are others on the net, however, they are usually boring and a bit of cliché. I hope this article has helped you to find the show that you are looking for.