Year after year the field of SMSF is growing at an exponential rate that has become the most common way to save money for the retirement for dozens of people in Australia. They provide control, flexibility, estate planning, stable taxes and much, much more. However, this superfund is not created for everyone. It all depends on which abilities and skills the members possess and the amount of money that are available. Additionally, you must be prepared to always be in touch and always conduct your research regularly if you want a full and successful fund for your retirement. To accomplish that, here are the most important advantages of SMSF.

Investment choice

The most important benefit of an SMSF is having h igher investment control and wide broad of choices such as direct property, art pieces, shares, hedge funds and more. It offers you a great opportunity to create and implement more sophisticated strategies thus making it one of the best advantages of SMSF.

Tax discipline

Another advantage that is becoming popular as every day passes is the freedom and flexibility of tax controllers that the SMSF have. Tac can be reduced by two ways, either by internal structuring or by strategic investment planning. No other fund possess so much flexibility planning the taxes and even does a tax return regardless the number of members in a single fund.

Estate planning

One thing that a lot of investors are attracted to an SMSF is estate planning advantages. This advantage gives you the opportunity to leave tax incomes to different and depended on outside beneficiaries that control the sum the receive and look after the members as no other structure does especially in the economic fund fields.


There are new rules introduced in the SMSF all the time. One, in particular, was introduced a couple of years ago where SMSF allowed members to borrow money from the fund under special arrangement. However, these rules are protecting all the members of his fund and are always in check with the investment choice benefits of the fund.


For a lot of people, the thought of investing in SMSF is deemed costly, however, the fund is made to be cost-friendly and lower than any bank or commercial fund that are currently on the market. The main cost of an SMSF is the payment of administration requirements that are regulated by the Australian government. For instance, if you $200,000 in your SMSF and you pay $1200 annual administration tax, your cost is 0.55%. If you compared it with bank funds, it puts the SMSF on the pedestal for being the most cost effective.  retirement vehicle.