Redoing your home has always been a fun process for me. You will find yourself in a different situation, with different ideas and you will feel the freedom to make your home feel as unique as possible. One thing I have encountered during my research is that the best colour to redecorate your home is blue. Blue is the colour that shows trust and responsibility, something that we need to pride ourselves and what better way than to decorate your home with blue wallpaper for walls. If you are not the same thoughts as me then in this article we will go through why choosing a blue wallpaper for walls will create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

Blue Wallpaper

The most important part of redecorating your house are the walls. The connected everything, and hold everything such as paintings, lights and much more elements. The last couple of years, designers have made wallpapers a must to keep in touch with the popular trends around the globe. In Australia, the most popular wallpapers are the blue ones. The offer relaxation for the eyes, overall good atmosphere and charm that has been forgotten the last couple of decades. However, there are many variations of these wallpapers. Without further a due here are a couple of tips that will help you style different type of rooms with blue wallpaper for walls.

Blue kitchen, an ocean of delicates.

Well, imagine cooking some fish and your kitchen feels like you are on the bottom of the ocean. Perfection, charm and comfort in one wall. Mixing different types of shades would offer you a different feeling on your walls. Additionally, if you combine them with other colours

Modern living room

The most important room in our home is our living room. There we hang out with our kids and spouses, sitting with our friends or watching TV. Adding a blue wallpaper to your room will bring freshness and a new feel in the room. It is highly recommended to redecorate your living room every 3 or 4 years. Your home will feel nice, you will feel nice and your visitors will feel nice.


There are many colours, yet they are either too weak or too hard for the eye. The colour blue is the perfect choice for your home. Just, remember to relax, and see the room in your head first. Designers will show it on a 3D design, however, stand in the middle of it and see how you will feel. Will it be cosy? Will you feel relaxed? Ask these question and I am certain that a blue wallpaper will do the job nicely.