It is true that homeowners trying to sell their houses need to get rid of the clutter, the first items being family photographs. This is because buyers need to image themselves in the house, and family photos make it feels it’s someone else’s home. But if you are not trying to sell your house, why are your photos stuck in albums, or in one digital frame? Bring them out!

There are many different ways of displaying off the many memorable photos that you have. For example, picture rails with matching frames are a simple yet fantastic way to show your travel adventures or family members.

picture framesThis display style will look best if you choose frames made from a natural material that looks simple, sleek and does not obscure the beauty of the photographs themselves. And don’t be afraid to combine photo frames of different sizes like a 4 x 6 photo frame with a 5 x 7 photo frame or with a 8 x 10 photo frame.

Another very unique and inventive way of displaying your pictures is to line up a wall with various pictures either stuck or hanged on a frame.

framed pictures

In addition to being unique and creative, the ‘clip on picture frames’ is also a very economical option do display your photographs.

Mix a 8 x 10 photo frame with an artwork, a vase, a lamp, and any other item you may want. Put them all together on top of a furniture piece on your living or dinning room and you will be amazed with the result.

Wall galleries are very interesting ways to displaying pictures. You can put some photos you took of your children in identical or different frames and arrange them vertically and horizontally into a striking combination.

picture frames on wall

With some patience and some strategic planning, each place can become a mini-stage for your photographs. Like many, you too may discover the joy of coordinating each photo frame with other items. Keep in mind that if you are planning to put various nail holes into your walls, it is a good idea to have a plan. Some find enough to make pencil marks on the wall to represent the nail holes and hope everything will fall into place. However, others prefer to tracing the frames onto a cheap paper, cutting out the tracings and then adhering them to wall to see how it looks.