It’s easy to appreciate art when you have a lot of knowledge in that field. But, if you don’t hold a degree in arts, chances are it seems a mission impossible for you to appreciate an art work and understand its meaning. This is especially the case if it comes to abstract art. This is mainly due to the reason that you don’t the understand the elements (colours, lines, textures, shapes, forms, etc.) that consist the piece of abstract.

Appreciating an art piece and enjoying it to the fullest is not only difficult with the abstract paintings, prints, designs or photographs, this can be the case even when you’re looking at a landscape art print as well. However, this doesn’t mean that you should become a master in art to learn to appreciate art. A good will, time and little research you can learn to appreciate the art print

If you’re interested in learning how to appreciate art, keep on reading, we’ve prepared a short walk through the most important things to pay attention to when admiring an art print.

  • Know the Artist

The first step towards analyzing any art work is getting to know the artist. By doing this you will get familiarized with artist’s style and the main characteristics for which his/her art work can be identified. This is not a simple task, on the contrary it takes time to know the artists, but if you love art and everything that comes with it, you will enjoy meeting new authors, because of the simple reason that every author has a unique story to share.

  • Identify the Type of Art

No matter if you are looking at a landscape art print or abstract print, identifying the specific style of the painting is not easy. To say whether the painting shares features of specific styles such as realism, impressionism or surrealism is difficult. But as a beginner you can start by identifying more general style of the painting, or in other words you should learn to distinguish between figurative and abstract style. In brief, figurative style refers to the paintings representing real-world terms such as people, nature, animals and real objects. On the other side, abstract style refers to the paintings that are composed of basic elements such as lines, colours, shapes, forms, etc.

  • Understand the Meaning

This is the third and the most important step in appreciating a landscape art print or any type of art painting. Understanding the meaning of the art painting means unveiling the message the author wanted to convey through the piece of art he/she has created. To understand the meaning of a piece of figurative art is easy, but things get more difficult when it comes to abstract art. However, with a little bit of education and attention you can learn to “read the story” conveyed through the lines, colours, shapes and forms.