Art is an indispensable segment that is closely tight to human’s existence. Even the the earliest evidences for the existence of human kind show that people were expressing themselves through art. The primitive forms of art were spotted on the walls of the caves they were living in. As the times have been changing and so did the styles people used for expressing themselves through art.

If we take a look back to the history of art one of the first thing we’ll notice is that art was shaped by the time period people were working and creating art. More specifically, the main subjects that influenced art were the current events (on social, politic and intellectual level) that were taking place in the certain period.Abstract-Art-6

The major changes in art happened in the 20th century. In fact, before that art was representative, meaning that the artists clearly pictured what they wanted to represent and “tell” with their artworks. If you take a look at a general overview of the paintings or sculptures created in that era, you’ll see pictures representing real elements from nature and every day, such as for example mountains, trees, landscapes, bowls of fruits, vases with flowers, people portraits and interaction scenes and so on. This was art that is easy to understand, only by looking at the representations of the real-life elements on the pictures, sculptures, or other forms of art.

The emergence of abstract art is probably the major turnaround in the history of modern art. The first type of abstract art appeared as a result of the blossoming of the middle class and the advancements in technology and the constant modernization of people’s way of living. The new discoveries and the flourishing of the industrial development had contributed for the change of people’s perspective of seeing things. Suddenly, life had became very easy to understand, and more and more questions about human’s identity, existence, place in universe and purpose of life had begun to raise people’s intellectual activity.

The general type of abstract art has changed the way artists were express their points as well as the way ordinary people were perceiving and understand art. Namely, abstract art drawings and paintings were not a clear representation of the objects artists wanted to express with, but metaphoric expression with no words, objects and boundaries. In general, abstract art is expressing of artist’s freedom, inner reality, world views through forms, colours, patterns, textures, lines and composition of abstract conceptions.

Simply put, regardless of the type of abstract art, what distinguishes this type of paintings is that they make you think in order to understand what the author wants to say.